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Many of my friends thought this was okay before they bought a digital camera? You can even watch audio animation. You can use it as a camera. It must be easy to use as a camera! However, when you try to connect the camera with a USB cable, the DC vendor will be scolded for the virus. The camera will not provide you with a camera function, wasting millions of pixels! Indeed, most of the current DC cannot be directly used as a camera, and some DC, especially the low-end, have this function. One of the main fun of DIY is "squeezing oil and water". When the hardware is "weekly suede", you have to make the best use of the purchased stuff. Today I will introduce a method, this allows your DC to easily become a high-quality camera.


The required materials are digital cameras with video output functions and a video card with avinput. We don't need to make any changes. We just need to combine these two functions to implement the DC camera function!

First, connect the DC and the TV card with the DC video output line.

My TV card is boser630tv and uses a Philips 7130 chip.

V-IN plug on video cable insertion card

DC is the Canon A20 (accidentally broken down the LCD and now I have to adjust the settings through the TV card on the monitor, which is why I think DC can be used as the camera)

Note that both cameras and video cards have video standards. We need to set them to a uniform specification and use the Chinese PAL system.

After the connection is complete, turn on the camera power, and turn on the video card playing software, switch the video source to avinput (how to make specific instructions on the video card)

Effectiveness, becoming a camera

The picture within the A20 lens range is clearly displayed in the window of the video card playing software. You can also zoom in and use various scene modes, such as old photos or something. I used another DC repeat. No, it should be more effective.

Then let's take a look at the full screen effect. The resolution is 1024*768!

Click to download the video (3402 K)

This is collected from the video card, in the MPEG format. You can see the dynamic effect. Click to download the video

Advanced Camera

At best, the above steps make DC a camera connected to a computer, and we want to use the camera function in the chat tool! Next I will take MSN as an example to explain the specific practices.

First open the MSN tool-Audio/Video adjustment wizard

The setting window will prompt you to select the camera. "Dual Mode USB camera" in the list is my USB camera. We want to select a TV card device, here is "boser 603 TV capture-Composite ".

After you click Next, you will see the video card playing the picture, but the image is reversed, just like the mirror (CAMERA ). You can broadcast TV programs to your friends as long as you like!

When the video card software switches the video source to the avinput, the camera function can be achieved. The effect is not comparable to that of more than 100 normal cameras! To make it easier to capture results, I set the display resolution to 800*600.


It should be said that the image produced by this method is still very good, especially compared with the common camera with a CMOS photosensitive chip and 30 W pixels, the image quality advantage is very obvious, especially when the light is poor at night. Of course, this cannot be compared directly with pixels. Because the process from DC to the video card and then to the display screen goes through the digital-analog-digital process, especially the last step, the effect depends entirely on the chip processing capability of the video card, the dc effect of w pixels and the dc effect of w pixels cannot be reflected here. There is also a drawback, that is, the power supply of the camera and the problem of CCD fever. It is best to have an external power supply to power the camera so that it can be used for a long time. However, after a long period of use, CCD must have fever. The CCD fever of Canon and Sony cameras is good, and does not affect the screen much. Nikon CCD is prone to fever, and the picture will be blurred. It is not suitable for a long time when the camera is used.

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