How to use a quick taxi vouchers? Quick Taxi Vouchers Use method

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How to get a quick taxi vouchers?

Now the fast-moving taxi is not as much money as it used to be. This time is to give a random 1-10 dollars, if you hit the use of a quick taxi and use Alipay paid, then we use Alipay payment the next day can receive a random voucher, but this voucher can only be effective within 7 days Oh, If your fast taxi software version below 3.1 We need to upgrade the software, we can enter the "My Account"-"fast vouchers" to view the details of the vouchers Oh.

Quick Taxi vouchers How to use?

How do we use the vouchers we get? Below together to see quick taxi vouchers use method.

1 we open a quick taxi in the mobile phone and then we can release a taxi.

2) and then we wait for the car and we just click "I'm on the bus"

3 then we just enter the meter amount and select vouchers as shown in the following figure.

4 Good payment can be paid immediately after the benefit of the subsidy

Friendly Tips

In fact, this is a little different from the previous subsidy, this is only the difference between the name, but ultimately the benefits of our personal oh.

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