How to use Alipay to take a taxi? Pay treasure taxi skills

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1 use to pay a taxi can be set down 13 yuan Oh, but before use we must be installed in the mobile phone "pay treasure wallet" Ah, we automatically install bar here is not introduced.

2 Alipay Wallet After the installation of successful we open the software, you will see a "Explore" button below the figure red box.

3 then we clicked on the "Explore" button and went into the "Explore" interface.

4 Here we just click "Taxi" here the software will automatically help you fill out the starting point, the mobile phone and the address to write your own oh.

5 After the information is written, you click to start a taxi, so your phone will see how many people you send your message to you, so that someone can pick you up and click the phone icon in the upper right corner to call the cabbie directly.

Cloud Habitat Community Small series remind you, if you go to the target after we click Payment, here we enter 13, so Alipay only deducted us 0.01 yuan, if more than 13 pieces of more than a portion to cash it.

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