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Users of windows are used to thinking Apple Mac is a bad idea, but Mac OS X is far more usable than most people think, so how does the Mac system work? Today, the Scripting Home gives you a quick tutorial on Apple Mac systems.

"The Windows system is really good for the Chinese people, the Apple brand computer just looks and works well, as the OS X system is unattractive." "This is the current mindset of most Windows users about Mac. So what about Apple's solution? Users are not used to OS X It's OK, we offer Windows drive and install the way, so that everyone on the Mac easily installed and happy to use the Windows system, as long as you buy my computer OK. This is tantamount to wiping out most Windows users ' taste of the Mac system.

If some users are really bored with the Windows system, now want to try OS X, will there be some shortcuts to go? The answer is yes. I'll take the Apple Mac's latest OS X Yosemite (10.10.3 version) as an example of how Windows users can quickly get to the Mac.

Use Command key when Windows CTRL key you're half done.

Here we use the Mac and the Windows laptop keyboard as an example to compare. The Mac command key is a lot of time like the CTRL key of Windows, and many of the most frequently used shortcuts are needed. As long as you carefully study it can be found that the two shortcuts in addition to the location of the keyboard differences, many shortcut keys are the same: Windows Copy, paste the shortcut key is CTRL + C and Ctrl+v,mac under the Command+c and CTRL + V; The shortcut key to quickly close the current window under Windows is Ctrl+w,mac under Command+w. As long as you can quickly grasp the use of command key combinations, the MAC system will become very fast when you spend some time

Research system Preferences It's the control Panel in Windows.

The Windows system in the Control Panel has been no longer familiar with the Mac has similar system preferences, almost the most commonly used system property adjustments can be found here, the classification of logic than the control panel is also reasonable, can play the control panel you, this is also a breeze.

Learn more about OS X Desktop module features and more control techniques

Many Windows users will be puzzled by the menu bar on the left side of the Mac screen, because it always changes. In fact, the logic here is also very simple, currently using that software, the menu bar on the left will become the software menu, this is an ingenious design.

Mac System on the right menu bar is intuitive, and windows the right bottom menu bar function is basically the same, we can set up WiFi, input method, to understand the battery power, the current date, and so on, can even open spotlight here directly to search and open the system side notice bar, So it is also important to master the function of this area.

It is also common for users to find "My Computer" when they start a Mac, but it's in the Finder menu bar "Go", where we can also quickly view the various categories of files, and very practical.

Mac In addition to the powerful command key combination, the space bar preview function is also to force, Windows often need to double-click the left button or right button to open the menu and then select the operation, the Mac just click the space bar can be completed. We can use this feature to quickly view the hard disk and file properties, but also to quickly open photos and Word documents, etc., can significantly accelerate the efficiency of the system.

Skilled use of trackpad it's the essence of OS X.

Mac's trackpad is really good, I think users who have used both Windows and Macs have the best say. Not long ago, Apple released a 12-inch new MacBook, while upgrading the 13-and 15-inch MacBook Pro, which uses the latest Force Touch-sensing technology from Apple, and is definitely the most experienced trackpad of all time.

Apple is also very intimate in the Trackpad settings option provides a variety of features of the demo animation, the initial use is also easy to get started. Some people used to say that this trackpad was the essence of Apple OS X, and I was skeptical at first, and then I realized it was not an exaggeration to use my Mac. Out of the mobile office without a mouse, the Apple trackpad is really good, the Windows notebook trackpad and it is a little bit larger than the gap, so want to quickly start the Mac, Apple's powerful trackpad control you must be proficient.

Apple in the introduction of a certain gesture operation of the wireless mouse also launched a touch pad, the function is exactly the same as the notebook, and the area is larger, using it to replace the mouse has become a lot of Mac user choice. For Windows users who are just getting started with the Mac, it's also a good choice for Windows-optimized mouse, even if it doesn't support gesture manipulation.

Because we can use mission control to improve the traditional mouse control mode, to achieve the Apple mouse, touch board similar to the multiple gesture controls. We only need to move the mouse pointer to the screen Four corners to achieve a pre-designed interface switch, the efficiency is also very high.

Turn the common U disk and mobile hard disk into the EXFAT format of dual system

Before Windows used the U disk, mobile hard disk on the Mac computer can only read can not write, this is also the user to start Mac often encountered problems. The solution is actually very simple, the use of disk features will u, mobile hard disk format to become exFAT mode, this model also does not have a single file maximum 4GB limit, the most widely used.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the software that you use

Windows system, some of the day-to-day software, Mac in fact, but the interface, interactive design there is a big difference, it is difficult to find a quick way, only rely on peacetime more use. The above is my daily use of some Mac software, this 2010 MacBook is also my current main working computer, in addition to playing games do not give force, other aspects of sincerity enough.


To do anything, a solid first step is often the hardest, as are Windows users ' hands-on Mac systems. As far as the MAC system itself is concerned, it will be much quicker to get the Windows veteran user to the Mac, while maintaining enough differentiation details and, in many operations, logically close to the Windows system.

The biggest reason why Windows users have a taste for a taste of the MAC system is that they are not willing to change: Windows is good enough, why go from scratch to learn to use Mac system? Windows system plus Mac computer is the best match and so on. Of course the views of such users are not unreasonable, and I have no intention of persuading them to make changes.

For those of you who currently want to try the Mac system and have doubts about it, I hope that some of the hands-on techniques described in this article will help you.

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