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When it comes to building the chain, there are many ways to build a blog, social bookmarking site submission, forum personality signature, web directory and so on, today I am here with you to talk about how to use the classification of information sites to build outside the chain.

As we all know, classified information is a free information release platform, frankly speaking, is a place where you play ads, you just apply for an account can be released, this is relative to the audit strict, crazy delete the post of the Forum, the classification information save a lot of trouble. Another advantage of classification information is that it is very high weight, do not need those blogs and forums poor!

Here put aside the rankings and conversion rates do not talk, single talk using classified information site to build outside the chain.

I. Published website

The classification information website has many, big to the national, small to the local, one catches a lot of, how uses so many classified information website hair outside the chain most effective? Of course, choose the weight of high classification information site, how to determine the weight of the site? The higher the visibility the better, the higher the PR the better, the higher the flow, the better! Select at least 20 such classified information Web site, registered a good account, we recommend that you use the same username and password, easy to operate!

Two. What is published

This is the most important point, the majority of people in the classified information site is posted on a number of promotional ads, product service supply information plus some company profile, basically such content, and then add their own web site. Each successful release of a piece of information can be considered as the establishment of an outside chain. This is the most common method, the author of the proposal is: the classification of information on the site to publish the industry knowledge of the article, such as the advantages of air compressor, PVC door and window classification, water purifier Ten brands, etc., in the article plus their own links.

What is the benefit of publishing such information?

1. The title of this kind of article information itself is a good long tail keyword, search for more people, included in the information industry is relatively easy to be searched!

2. This type of article information is more easily reproduced. Reprint is a very good thing for the outside chain construction. Just like we write network marketing, SEO and other articles like to put to the Webmaster network this platform to release easily by people reprint, but other industries may not be able to find such as webmaster network so easy to pass the audit of the corresponding industry platform, so the classification information site is a good platform. Reprint to bring the chain is basically more than the classification of information on the chain to be stable for a long time! (Information of the classified information network has a time limit)

3. This kind of article is easier to pass the audit, some classified information site audit or a little strict, these knowledge of the article basically kill, will not be too much restriction!

So before the release of information, you can first collect some relevant industry knowledge of the article, and then according to the plan in the various classified information site released.

Iii. Frequency of information dissemination

I suggest that one day as long as the choice of information in each of the selected classified information site can be published once, so as to ensure a certain degree, there will be no excessive hair outside the chain of the situation. According to such a plan, adhere to do once a day, one months at least can harvest more than 300 of the chain number, adhere to the next few months, a new station of the foundation from zero outside the chain to have thousands of of the chain of the case.

Perhaps some webmaster will be too long for a few months, thousands of of the chain is still too few. But those who weight high, outside the chain of a number of good sites are not by such a cumulative growth, a few are in a short time to do, do not only see those weights high ranking how good, outside the chain is how many, PR is how high, should see their webmaster is spent a long time, Doing a lot of work to have this situation. The author has always believed that a real good site is accumulated by accumulation, not three or two months will be able to complete the great fame, even if there is a very small, temporary!

So to overcome the impatient, steady to do every step of the work is the network marketing, SEO kingly way! Use classified information site there are plans to have the method of the chain must be more than aimlessly in various forums, comments East A section of the hair outside the chain better!

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