How to use the Mac computer.

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How to use the Mac computer.

1. Develop the use of Spotlight to provide more rapid work aids:

Take advantage of the most basic "spotlight" search column feature in the Apple Mac OS X System to quickly accomplish additional tasks while doing the main work.

For example, while editing a file, use the Spotlight to search for and exhale the computer, query the exchange rate, quickly query the content of the message or preview the contents of other files to provide a reference, or quickly open other applications. The best thing about this is that you don't have to leave the current file window and desktop, and you can do a lot of ancillary work in this little Spotlight Search Preview column.

2. Develop easy and effective file management with Finder:

The same is the built-in File explorer, but the finder on the MAC is fundamentally different from the file explorer on Windows, and the Finder defines all of our files as an integrated database, and in many flexible ways lets us in the Finder You can put your database into project management that you need to work on.

such as the Finder in the Smart Folder automatic classification, search file features, fast batch file renaming, set the Common folder, can let us change just the habit of managing files, and in the Mac Finder to really develop a "management project" thinking.

3. Develop the use of color markers to help file task scheduling:

Another feature that is particularly worth introducing in the Finder of Apple Mac OS X is "File color tag", which may not have been the case before, but when you start using a Mac, remember to practice and see how to develop the habit of managing important files with a variety of color markers.

For example, simply set the "emergency handling" in the file color tag, "important common" two color tags, and in the processing of related files with the corresponding color tag, this simple and effective action, it can help faster to find the most recent needs of the important folders and files, and will not forget the key files that need to be processed.

This is the simple data management habits, change into a further time management habits.

4. Develop a built-in preview program for working with pictures and PDFs:

General document processing work most often encountered is the processing of pictures, to deal with the need for PDFs, when such a requirement happens on a Mac, before looking for other, more professional software help, remember to get into the habit of "previewing" the Mac's built-in, as it not only previews pictures and PDFs, it can even edit them.

Because of the extra software installed, the built-in Preview program makes it easier to browse through the files, and then go directly to the editing screen when you need it, especially when the MAC Preview program can be used to edit the annotations, and the PDF can be edited, so that we reduce the time it takes to convert the software.

5. Develop the use of built-in Photos database management travel PHOTOS:

For Apple's Mac OS X system, the advantage of using the built-in Photos to manage photos is to import all photos from the camera into an integrated photo repository, rather than a fragmented folder on your hard drive, which is the benefit of using Photos database management to be more resilient with people, time, Location to automatically classify photos.

and Photos, sharing, backup function is also very complete, is the use of MAC friends must learn the photo management habits.

6. Make use of shortcut keys to complete paperwork quickly:

Each system has its own unique shortcut key, and this part of the MAC is not to say that there are more shortcuts than other systems, but because the system is different, you must learn some new fast key methods.

In particular, the most commonly used shortcuts, such as "screen capture", "Copy and paste", "window switch" and so on, some rules and habits and other platforms are different, need some time to get used to.

7. Develop a hand gesture can also improve the efficiency of the notebook computer:

What would be the most stunning place on the Macbook Air hardware? Compared to the steady flow of performance, "unique and multi-functional sliding touch pad" may be the most of the hardware of this machine to dwell on the place.

So if one day everyone is ready to start using a Macbook, then the recommended must first develop the habit of flexible touch board, before you must connect the mouse to the heavy work, the first understanding of each efficient touch gestures, may help you to complete the work faster.

8. Develop a flexible multi-desktop to allocate task processing space:

Apple Mac OS X built-in "multiple desktop" feature allows users to use a new and efficient way to plan their work on the Mac, we can use the Finder, Evernote and Google Chrome on a separate desktop, so you can quickly switch Working mini-bar, small windows open to each other will not interfere with each other.

This lets file query, note-making, cloud work these three processes can be organized on multiple desktops to allocate the use of space, and there are many advanced techniques can quickly switch, preview, is the MAC users must learn to work method.

9. Learn to use QuickTime Player to complete video projection:

For a friend with teaching needs, the Mac built in QuickTime player player is a great tool to learn, because it's not just a player, it's also a simple and straightforward way to complete screen-manipulation videos and basic clips, which is useful for friends who want to make instructional videos.

And after the update to the latest version of the system, Mac QuickTime Player can even use a general cable, can be the IPad or iPhone screen operation projection and video!

10. Learn to play Windows games with Steam:

For those of you who have a Windows computer and a Macbook at the same time, use the Steam platform to stream the High-definition, multiplayer computer games running on Windows to the Mac so that you can play with a Mac pen on the living room couch. Windows power Brain Games.

This actually extends to what happens when you encounter a task that is not being performed with Windows software or systems? This situation is very rare for people who are mainly clerical, so if it does happen, it is usually using "chrome Remote Desktop to" connect back to the Windows computer to solve the demand. "

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