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In the context of using Zend Studio to develop and debug PHP, I have introduced a number of Zend studio tutorials, and continue today to Zend the Studio tutorial, which focuses on Zend studio Configuration Connection svn tutorial, Zend Studio provides CVS, SVN versioning features to better support the PHP team collaborative development, by configuring the SVN server, using Zend Studio Connection SVN to ensure the consistency and security of program code, but also to improve the efficiency of PHP development, the following I will be the form of graphics and text tutorials in detail Zend The specific steps of the studio configuration to connect svn.

  Zend Studio configuration is ready to connect SVN

1, I am using the Zend Studio8.0 Chinese version, after installing Zend Studio, please refer to Zend Studio 8 Chinese-language tutorial for Chinese, if you are accustomed to English version please skip this step.

2, without the support of SVN server, Zend Studio is unable to configure the use of SVN functionality, so install the configuration VisualSVN server.

3, in VISUALSVN server to create a new SVN repositories, I named the site domain name

  Zend Studio Configuration Connection SVN tutorial

  1, use Zend Studio to create a new project. don't know how to create a new project? Refer to the introduction to the PHP development tool Zend Studio7 Tutorial.

  2. Select the SVN version control project, Click on the left side of the Zend Studio8 workspace (Workspace), select the project directory that requires SVN versioning and right-click, select group (Team)-> Shared Items or share Projects (directly into the SVN configuration interface), if you have CVS and svn two options to access through a shared project, choose SVN. SVN's configuration interface in Zend Studio is shown in

如何使用Zend Studio配置连接SVN功能-zend studio12配置svn 如何使用Zend Studio配置连接SVN功能-zend studio12配置svn

Zend-studio Configure SVN's starting interface

Choose to create a new SVN connection and click Next

  3, use Zend Studio to configure a new SVN connection . Open VisualSVN Server, select the you created, right-click the copy URL to clipboard copy the URL address to the URL in Share Project Wizard. Also click Browse to see if the SVN configuration is correct, and if you cannot connect to the SVN server, you will receive an error message, as shown

如何使用Zend Studio配置连接SVN功能-zend studio 配置svn 如何使用Zend Studio配置连接SVN功能-zend studio 配置svn

Connect SVN service with Zend Studio8

  4. Zend Studio configures the user name and password when connecting to the SVN service . Click Next, because you have set up access https://in the SVN server your computer name/svn/is required to authenticate users, so you need to enter a username and password, as shown

如何使用Zend Studio配置连接SVN功能-zend studio svn插件 如何使用Zend Studio配置连接SVN功能-zend studio svn插件

Zend Studio connects to the SVN service requires user authentication

  5, select the appropriate commit comment template

It is mainly used to specify the current version, you need to select the appropriate template, if you first use Zend Studio configuration to connect svn, you need to create a new template. Methods are as follows

Open Zend Studio8, select Windows-> Preferences-> Group->svn->comment templates, the right side will connect the templates created before, you can create/edit/delete templates. When you finish creating the template, you can choose Zend Studio Configuration svn, as shown in

如何使用Zend Studio配置连接SVN功能-zend studio svn 如何使用Zend Studio配置连接SVN功能-zend studio svn

Select or enter Zend Studio SVN Commit Comment

6, after the completion of the click to start synchronous import, until the import is complete. The imported content can be found in the Source Library created in VisualSVN server.

At this point, the Zend Studio8 Configuration Connection svn feature is complete, you can use Zend Studio to configure the SVN function to program source version control in the development of the PHP team to improve PHP development efficiency. Zend Studio provides a more SVN function, you can modify, delete, sync, contrast and other operations, we can use, I believe there will be a deeper understanding.

  Note : PHP Web Development Copyright, reproduced in the form of links to indicate the original source and this statement, thank you.

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