How Unity Loads the Assetbundle

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Using system.collections;using system.collections.generic;using unityengine;using;using Unityengine.networking;public class download:monobehaviour{IEnumerator Start () {//Resource pack path string Pat        H1 = "Assetbundles/cubewall.unity3d";        Shared dependent resource Bundle path string path2 = "Assetbundles/share.unity3d";  The first way to load AB, load loadfrommemory from memory #region//method One: Asynchronously load//load resource Assetbundlecreaterequest Request        = Assetbundle.loadfrommemoryasync (File.readallbytes (path1));        yield return request;        Load co-dependent resources such as decals, materials assetbundlecreaterequest request2 = Assetbundle.loadfrommemoryasync (File.readallbytes (path2));        Yield return request2;        Assetbundle ab = Request.assetbundle;        Assetbundle ab2 = Request2.assetbundle; Use the resources inside gameobject WALLPREFAB1 = (gameobject) ab.        Loadasset ("Cubewall");        Instantiate (WALLPREFAB1); Method Two: Synchronous loading (no co-use)//load resources assetbundle AB3 = ASSETBUNDLE.LOADFRommemory (File.readallbytes (path1));        Load co-dependent resources such as decals, materials assetbundle AB4 = Assetbundle.loadfrommemory (File.readallbytes (path2)); Use the resources inside gameobject wallPrefab2 = (gameobject) ab.        Loadasset ("Cubewall");        Instantiate (WALLPREFAB2); #endregion//second load AB, load LoadFromFile locally (no co-use) #region assetbundle ab5 = assetbundle.loadfromfile        (path1);        Assetbundle ab6 = Assetbundle.loadfromfile (path2); Gameobject wallPrefab3 = (gameobject) ab5.        Loadasset ("Cubewall");        Instantiate (WALLPREFAB3);        #endregion//The Third way to load AB, load WWW from local or server (will be deprecated) #region//is ready while (Caching.ready = = False)        {yield return null; }//Load from local//www www = www.        Loadfromcacheordownload (@ "File:/e:assetbundleproject\assetbundleproject\assetbundles", 1); Load www www = www from the server.        Loadfromcacheordownload (@ "Http://localhost/AssetBundles/cubewall.unity3d", 1); Yield RetuRN www; Whether to error if (string.            IsNullOrEmpty (www.error) = = False) {Debug.Log (www.error);        Yield break;        } assetbundle ab7 = Www.assetBundle; Use the resources inside gameobject WALLPREFAB4 = (gameobject) ab7.        Loadasset ("Cubewall");        Instantiate (WALLPREFAB4); #endregion//Fourth load AB mode download from server side unitywebrequest (new unity Use) #region//server path localhost for IP string        URI = @ "Http://localhost/AssetBundles/cubewall.unity3d";        Unitywebrequest request3 = Unitywebrequest.getassetbundle (URI); Yield return REQUEST3.        Send ();        Assetbundle Ab8 = ((downloadhandlerassetbundle) request3.downloadhandler). Assetbundle;        Assetbundle Ab8 = downloadhandlerassetbundle.getcontent (REQUEST3); Use the resources inside gameobject WALLPREFAB5 = (gameobject) ab8.        Loadasset ("Cubewall");        Instantiate (WALLPREFAB5); The resource bundle on which the Cubewall.unity3d resource bundle is loaded assetbundle Manifestab = Assetbundle.loadfromfile ("AssetBundles/assetbundles ");        Assetbundlemanifest manifest = (assetbundlemanifest) manifestab.loadasset ("Assetbundlemanifest"); foreach (string name in manifest.        Getallassetbundles ())//{//print (name); The//cubewall.unity3d resource bundle depends on the name of the resource bundle string[] STRs = manifest.        Getalldependencies ("Cubewall.unity3d");        foreach (string name in STRs) {assetbundle.loadfromfile ("assetbundles/" + name); } #endregion}}


How Unity Loads the Assetbundle

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