Hr voice: Why is the technical test difficult to understand and understand the humanities

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Hr voice: Why is the technical test difficult to understand and understand the humanities

Netease interactive launched the social recruitment program for in. The recruitment position of the technical department is senior.ProgramStaff, system administrators, database administrators, game testing engineers. According to the discussion on csdn talent forum and feedback from Netease recruitment departments, some questions about Netease's technical pen are difficult to find. For example:

Mencius said: people can do either, and then they can do either. Please explain your understanding of this sentence.

Many candidates are puzzled by such questions. Why does Netease add such questions to technical questions? How does Netease select talents from the answers to these questions? In the face of such questions, how should candidates show their abilities? To this end, Liu yamei, Netease interactive entertainment recruitment manager, replied:

The company's Recruitment assessment can clearly reflect what the company attaches importance to and what it needs. Because selecting people is the most cautious decision of every mature company. Netease issued such a humanistic question in the written examination, which was also summarized based on the development gains and losses of Netease over the past few years.

The subjective questions of the human class can intuitively show the applicant's expressive ability. Secondly, they can effectively examine the logical thinking ability. Many technical talentsCodeMany, can be very accustomed to use a lot of classic idioms, to solve programming problems. However, this is based on his habit of similar problems, instead of being internalized into his own thinking model. It is easy to make mistakes when encountering new problems. However, in the subjective expression, he needs to organize his own ways of thinking to control the language. Therefore, subjective arguments sometimes reflect the way of thinking of technical candidates.

In addition, the depth of thinking of candidates can be seen through the elaboration of humanistic issues. A person who is used to frequent reflections has a deeper understanding of himself, his/her own environment. This habit of reflection is the key to a person's rapid growth. We have different training programs for different departments and positions and help new employees grow better through the mentoring system. The improvement of the training mechanism and the growth of employees are on the same platform. People with good attitudes and habits can develop better. Although Netease will constantly guide employees, the impulse to learn from the heart is the greatest motivation. Netease hopes to find these people with good habits, because they will find this kind of integration and integration feeling good after they arrive at our team.

Csdn talent channel: edited by Xiong Xiaoyan

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