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Over the past four months, I have deeply reflected on myself. Seven months ago, I was still engaged in a job that was not very annoying but could not feel any happy. I still cannot describe exactly why I feel like this until one of my friends finds me again, saying that there is a job that is the same as a job, but I had the opportunity to participate in the development of open-source software projects, and then I quit. All of these let me know:

I am a spamProgramMember.

3 months later, I chose to leave the company. At that time, I signed a temporary contract. Before I was fully engaged in my work, I first felt the factional struggles within the company. I didn't feel any happiness in this job, but I was not particularly unhappy. I just haven't found some very challenging things that interest me. So I decided to take a rest and summarize my life.

In order not to affect my family's income, I carefully arranged a vacation plan. After the bank bill is paid off, the remaining money is enough to ensure that I will not go to work for four to five months. After I made a cash overhead and budget table, I decided to take a two-month vacation and then use one month for an interview. The last 4th months were used as a buffer period, in case the interview time exceeds my expectation.

Now I am in the buffer period. So far, I have interviewed nearly 10 companies, but none of them are considering hiring me. Even in most companies, I did not pass a technical interview. I am a programmer and have always felt good about myself. I think I am a good programmer. However, in this recruitment industry, I find it hard to think that I am a good programmer.

Some of my friends and colleagues, I think most of them are more experienced than me and have higher IQ than me. When I describe my worries to them, the feedback I receive can be summarized as "the ideal is full, and the reality is very skinny ". In my previous job, my colleagues were familiar with my way of doing things and I had a great time working with me. I also think that my work background, professionalism and technical skills are very good. So I can't say that I am an incompetent programmer, but I am not good at expressing myself in the interview.

But if only a few companies reject me, I can still trust them. However, as of now, I have no choice but to accept it, and I have successfully passed the first round of technical interviews only twice. If I already have one or two offers in my hand, I can still admit my capabilities, but you can say that all companies have made the same mistake, I consistently ignored this interview performance, but it is a very good programmer? In other words, is there a possibility that spam programmers like me will always be able to get their jobs from competent people?

From the historical point of view, I should not be the kind of person who simply says no. Before I start my work every day, I will exercise and write someCode. At the same time, it's just fun. I will use some strangeProgramming LanguageTo solve some classic scenarios. I often open sourceCommunityMake some contributions. Sometimes I try to talk to others and learn how to show myself as much as possible. Later, I found that it was not that difficult for me to interact with people. This story tells me that you don't know whether you can do it unless you try it.

The problem is that I had crashed before I could do anything. I can still afford my rent and credit card this month, but I haven't got any offer yet, and it is estimated that I will be in debt for the next month. I even had to consider moving from my current apartment to the old one. But more importantly, it seems that I have no ability to continue working in this industry, and I am afraid I do not know what else I can do except write a program.

So what is a spam programmer?

My bookshelves are filled with a variety of classic books, such as "structure and Analysis of computer programs", "lisp programming", and "taocp: computer Programming art, C expert programming, Objective C ++, andAlgorithmDistributed Computing, security, graphics, mathematics, and other textbooks, and most of them I have read (taocp I am still grinding ). I also often read some ACM and IEEEArticleAnd doctoral thesis. If you only judge from my reading list, you may think that I am from a class, but in fact, I just like programming and want to learn more.

I have contributed to many open-source software projects. The programming languages include C ++, Perl, Python, etc. I have even used some lisp-like languages. Some of these projects I have used but lack some features, some are new projects that need to solve bugs or add features, and some are the class libraries or programs I have discovered.

I have been constantly improving my capabilities with my heart. As mentioned above, I used to write some exercise code. I will recommend automated testing in my departments. I have read a lot of books, papers, and technical articles, and I also write some articles to try to help others.

I like mathematics very much. After reading information theory and figuring out Shannon entropy, I began to study Sequence Theory in depth. I really like joint-semi-lattices, set theory, relational algebra, and sentential-database. I can't remember some of the content. For example, I know that there is an iterative method for every recursive form. If I need to know more, I can quickly read magazines or textbooks.

Despite this, I made a mistake when writing a function that requires determining whether sequence a is a subset of sequence B and returns a Boolean value. I still cannot remember the complexity of the function I just wrote.(Wipe, apparently, the list is arranged on n sides in complexity, but at that time, just like an interrogation of whether I could recall these details, my mind was blank). Each piece of confidence in me has been defeated by these mistakes, mistakes, and rejections by 1.1 points.

In the end, I found myself getting frustrated and desperate, and very afraid that I would disappoint my family. In the future, my daughter will ask me what I do. I may not answer her directly, or tell her that I write a program for the computer, and then I will immediately avoid asking her further. When she grows up, I try to avoid telling her that I may do everything to eat together. I have never succeeded or even did nothing to make myself proud. I just do my best, even if the whole world feels that I am not good enough.

I am a spam programmer. This is my life.

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