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I accidentally saw a hot discussion of Gmail, and quickly applied for one (no trouble ). GB space, with a small increase in Nb/per second. The speed is faster than MSN. emails are classified by traditional content, but the new style of sessions organizes emails, which is a bit similar to Microsoft's mail newsgroups. I sent an invitation to my wife. After successful activation, I did not receive any rewards, alas!

There are two ways to receive mail via Gmail: access the website and install the client (for example, Outlook Express ). The latter certainly cannot take full advantage of Gmail's features, so I use the former.

There is another Hotmail mailbox, which is a very common system. In private, you don't think it is special, but you are reluctant to abandon it. I hope it can automatically forward emails. I can only find out what I don't have. It's really a Microsoft style. Fortunately found a free software to solve this problem (http://www.e-eeasy.com/Download.aspx? Programid=28&program=getmail3_1.zip ).

What is particularly depressing is that sqwang, the mailbox username that I envy for a long time, is always popular with others. Hotmail and Gmail are all so rich that I can buy them from these HH users, so I am depressed with ing.

After Google Talk is installed, it feels like MSN message, except that there is no voice or video. This also reflects the characteristics of Gmail Based on sessions. I personally feel a little behind the times.

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