I was so tired that I couldn't try to shut down the server. I 'd like to write it down on such a tired day.

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I find that I sometimes feel a little stressed and sleep hard. I didn't have a good sleep yesterday. Today I don't have the spirit. In fact, the sooner I want to get up, the more difficult it is to get up. So I don't care about it today. Tomorrow is a big deal, anyway, I can't stay right when I study it. I think Intel employees may be technically different from other organizations, but they are very friendly and certainly have a strong learning ability, it is estimated that the whole world trade center is the most embarrassing person, miserable!

The new partner I met today includes sister Wu Ting of Jiaotong University 03 information security, and brother Dong Zhiguo of Zhejiang University communication, there are also Dr. Liu from Peking University as CG and the lovely Jiao Tong mm from my alumni in the dormitory (the name cannot be remembered at all, and I will ask Miss Wu Ting tomorrow ).

Sorry, I will take a photo at-tomorrow. At-, I will have a regular meeting with the team on Tuesday. Sleep, I am so tired to say that my work and study are also bitter. I am the hardest to practice students. Come on, come on. Now I have a hard day, and I will spend less than a month later.

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