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How to use LSI configuration RAID1

x servers have a number of integrated LSI SCSI controller models, press CTRL C at post to configure two hard drive mirrors. However, after upgrading the BIOS, some of the settings in CTRL C have changed, and the configuration method is somewhat different than the previous version.

Configuration steps for the new version:
1. Start the server, press CTRL C during self-test and go to menu (Dual channel LSI Controller)
2. Select the SCSI channel carriage return where the hard disk is located
3. Select <raid Properties&gt, enter.
4. Find two hard drives, select a master disk, and press the minus sign in <array disk?>.
5. You are prompted to press F3 to save the disk's data and press DELETE to delete the data on the disk. If you have an operating system on this disk, be sure to select F3. <array disk?> below [No] becomes [Yes] after completion.
6. On the second disk, in the position of [No], press the minus sign:
7. The system warns that the information on this disk will be lost, press DELETE to delete all data on the disk, or press any key to cancel. Press DELETE, and the second disk (No) also becomes [Yes], restarts the system, and starts synchronizing the disk.

Old version
1 Restart the host press ctrl-c into the configuration menu, the cursor on the <lsi1030 > First channel, press <ENTER> continue
2 Select DEVICE PROPERTIES to find hard drive, press <Esc> back to previous menu
3) Select Mirroring PROPERTIES Press <ENTER> continue
4 Select the first hard drive, the third column mirror pair item, and set it to primary by the-/+ number.
5 Select the second hard drive, the third column Mirror pair, and press the-/+ number to set it to seconde
6 Press ESC, select "SAVE change THEN EXIT This menu", press <ENTER> continue
7 Press ESC, select "EXIT the CONFIGURATION utitily", press <ENTER> continue

Use RAID, at least you have to install ServeRAID This software, generally you install the latest on OK, random should be matched, did not go to the IBM website download.
In addition to giving you a glimpse of the current raid information, whether there is a bad disk, you can give you PFA warning in advance, the forecast disk is still running steadily.
If you want to fully manage your IBM hardware, install Director.

ibmx335/ibmx336 server to do RAID array graphics and text method

The IBM x335/x336 server makes RAID methods as follows:

Array requirements: Hard drive at least 2 pieces, disk capacity speed brand must be the same
First, start the machine self-test the CPU memory hard disk and other hardware is normal (if not recognized please check correctly)
Two, if the hardware is all right, now we're going to start doing the array.
When the server detects a picture, press ' CTRL + C ' to enter the array main Menu

As shown in figure two, the ' main Menu ' keys select ' RAID PROPERTIES ' enter '

As figure three enters the array main option, move the option to the ' Array disk ' column (see if the hard drive is fully recognized)
When ' no ' in ' ARRAY DISK ' column, select Add minus sign to ' no ' to ' YES '
The method is as follows:
1 ' use plus minus sign will ' NO ' turn ' YES ' press ' F3 ' such as the following figure

Note: When you have an array, you are prompted to press the ' DELETE ' key to do the array as shown in Figure four

When done, the ' ARRAY DISK ' column is ' YES ' as shown in Figure five press ' ESC ' to return to figure six
Figure six, select ' Save CHANGES, EXIT Nenu ' OK Save as shown in Figure seven

Figure Seven

Figure eight, press ' ESC ' to return to figure eight select ' Discard changes,exit nenu ' reboot

Delete RAID Array

Figure 1 How to delete an array

Figure 2 Press the. ' F2 ' or ' TAB ' key selection to ' DELETE ARRAY ' OK

Figure 3 The array is deleted

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