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Dear Students:
IDG Enterprise Member 2015 campus recruitment last Lecture/written examination Friday in hand to wait for you. Preach the end of the written examination immediately. The spot draws the millet handset.

October 24, 2014 19:00-21:00, no. No. 200, Minhang Tieshenggou Hall, Jiao Tong University, Friday

Minhang's Jiaotong University is very far, fortunately has the female friend accompanies me, sits two hours subway. I had a written test that night, and then I had an interview the next morning, which was too fast. But the test papers, I saw, have been corrected.

IDG Enterprise members are many, like fluent said, Mushroom street, and so on, are some small internet companies, recruit a few people, about only 200 people, but the development potential is great. One of the things that impressed me most was the fact that there were 90 CEOs in it, and I felt completely bishi. Sigh A, dare to start a business, are the smartest people, are talent ah. Are examples of what we want to learn. Especially envy. I spent so much effort, not for an offer, only for its advertising word "FREEDOM", I love FREEDOM. I would like to know more about these entrepreneurial people and my age. Written Examination

After the lecture, immediately on the written test, the subject of the written examination is not difficult. This is not a topic that is revealed online. But the style is like this. It is not difficult to have two big questions. But the written test time is only one hours. The last big question is similar to:

Enter a string that outputs the maximum length of the symmetric substring in the string. For example, the input string "Google", because the longest symmetric substring in the string is "goog", so output 4.

It also requires the efficiency of the program to run, there are improvements in place. The interview was conducted the next day and in the morning. I was interviewed by a very young engineer, who was particularly energetic. Introduce yourself first and then introduce a project that you have done with C + + and ask in particular detail. I'd like to introduce you to some of the better parts of your programming, and the techniques are especially skilled. Then, ask some of the database and operating system posture. Like paging, threading and process differences, why multiple processes. Own answer is not good, hope oneself in these methods all want e complement.

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