IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10 versions of the updates and versions of the differences

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In the eyes of the programmer, the end of the evil IE6 is a relief for them, IE7 first began to fully support the standard of the consortium, since then, ie standardization of the road began to go more and more smoothly, the following summarized the IE7 later versions of the updated content, and the differences between the versions, Serves as a reference for Web developers to address browser compatibility issues.

IE7 Update
Solves a float bug of IE6, see
Enhanced CSS Selector support
Built-in Ajax
Transparent PNG picture support
Microsoft Official Update Note Http://

IE8 Update
Resolves all floating bugs (possibly all CSS bugs are resolved), fully supports CSS2.1 rules and selectors (this is a bright spot, at least on CSS, fully compliant with the world's standard) specifically see
The CSS expression was removed using the-ms-vendor prefix to express IE proprietary properties, which was learned from WebKit and Firefox, and it was worth noting that the table Yang corrected a series of DOM errors, more in line with standards, but no new support such as getElementById when ID is case-sensitive, Do not mistake name as ID, detailed list see
CharSet properties that support the link label AJAX support enhanced support for local storage in HTML5 (quite advanced) local JSON object support (which is also quite advanced) increased UA compatibility mode adds almost stardards rendering mode However IE8 still does not implement Dom L2, Full support for Dom L3 and Dom L2 and L3 event handling (including bubbling models)
Microsoft Official Update Note

IE9 Update
Implements full support for Dom L2,dom L3 and Dom L2 and L3 event handling (including bubbling models) HTML5 and CSS3 support for opacity transparent properties
CSS3 2-d transforms
Canvas,video or something like that.
Wait a minute
Web Open Font Format (woff) support SVG native supports a series of JS bug fixes (JScript is more compliant with ECMAScript standards see Enhanced-scripting-in-ie9-ecmascript-5-support-and-more.aspx

ECMAScript 5 supports whitespace characters in the DOM as separate text nodes to keep in line with other browsers
Unknown tags can also use CSS styles to support application/xhtml+xml MIME Microsoft Update instructions

IE10 Update
ECMAScript 5 Strict mode supports HTML5 and CSS3 enhancements CSS3-transforms (requires-ms-prefix because the consortium is not yet finalized)
Websocket,webwork,file API
Wait a minute
SVG improves and enhances SVG filters
Dom enhancements are mostly enhanced with MS prefixes (also proprietary to IE)
such as touch screen operation, gesture event
Wait a minute
IE10 UA compatibility settings are no longer supported (since IE9 is fully compliant with the international Standards of the Consortium), but IE9 and previous UA compatibility settings are still supported. Microsoft Update Instructions

To sum up, IE7 is just a small enhancement of IE6.
IE8 fully supports CSS2.1 and selectors, DOM operations are more consistent with the standards of the International consortium, but DOM support is still incomplete
IE9 fully supports DOM l1,dom l2,jscript more compliant, ECMASCRIPT5 support, HTML5,CSS3 support, SVG support


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