(ii) Introduction of the--activiti database table of Activiti

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1. Naming the database tables

The Activiti tables start with act_. The second part is a two-letter identifier that represents the purpose of the table. The use also corresponds to the API of the service.

    • act_re_*: ' RE ' means repository . The table for this prefix contains the process definition and process static resources (pictures, rules, etc.).
    • act_ru_*: ' RU ' means runtime . These run-time tables contain process instances, tasks, variables, asynchronous tasks, and other running data. Activiti only saves this data during the process instance execution and deletes the records at the end of the process. This way the run-time table can always be very small and fast.
    • act_id_*: ' ID ' indicates identity . These tables contain identity information, such as users, groups, and so on.
    • act_hi_*: ' HI ' means history . These tables contain historical data, such as historical process instances, variables, tasks, and so on.
    • Act_ge_*: 通用 data for different scenarios.
    • Other: Act_evt_log and Act_procdef_info did not follow the rules, and the two belonged to Hi and re respectively.

In activiti5.21, the Activiti data contains 25 tables, with 23 tables named after the naming convention, such as: Picture source

There are also two tables: Act_evt_log and Act_procdef_info do not follow the rules, and they belong to hi and re respectively.

2. database table Structure 2.1 act_re_ (Process definition table)

Act_re_deployment (Deployment)

Act_re_model (model)

ACT_RE_PROCDEF (Process definition)

2.2 Act_ru_ (running instance table)

ACT_RU_EVENT_SUBSCR (Event subscription)

Act_ru_execution (executive) Act_ru_identitylink (participant)

Act_ru_job (Asynchronous Job)

Act_ru_task (Task)

Act_ru_variable (variable)

2.3 Act_hi_ (Process history)

Act_hi_actinst (link historical information) act_hi_attachment (annex) act_hi_comment (comment)

Act_hi_detail (historical details) Act_hi_identitylink (participant history) Act_hi_procinst (process instance history) Act_hi_taskinst (Task History)

Act_hi_varinst (Variable history)

2.4 Act_ge_ (normal data)

Act_ge_bytearray (binary content table) all binary content is stored in this table, such as deployed Process.bpmn20.xml, Process.png, User.form, attachments, and beans serialized into binary process variables.

Act_ge_property (Global parameter table) global parameters, default three parameters next.dbid,idgenerator interval, schema.history, automatic execution of SQL history, schema.version, current SQL version.

2.5 act_id_ (User User Group table) act_id_group (group) act_id_info (user details)

Act_id_membership (user group relationship) act_id_user (user basic information)

2.6 Other Act_evt_log (Event log table) is not turned on by default

Act_procdef_info (Process definition update information)

(ii) Introduction of the--activiti database table of Activiti

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