(ii) the day of the same day the birthday of the language Yixing brothers grudges [forest handsome works collection]

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(ii) the day of the same day, the birthday of the Yixing brothers to thaw grudges

Since that day the people discussed the ball, the next day, they invited the class or section team. On weekdays are known in the stadium, but meet a mention, then learn the younger brothers will brought life, with stickers and go. The daily homework has completed all the people in the stadium, this sophomore arts team, because before there is four charge, and then Lin two sits, and a small Xie assisted, plus Captain Kunihito. It is a Buddha to kill Buddha, in the future, such a lineup, the challenge of the Xinghua House of the major academies. Tonight Lin two pacing to my shop door, can't help but stunned, saw Ah Si and those three big table eat noodles. The My was also busy serving and taking care of it. Ah si see the corridor under the Lin two, then care over. Those three people also nodded, a four dozen a long belch, called my daughter-in-law again next bowl noodles: "Add meat", do not forget to turn to command way.

Lin two puzzled its reason, walked into the shop, then asked its reason. Ah si and my just smile, not words. Lin repeatedly cross-examine, a quartet just accept laugh and introduction road: "Last misunderstanding, we all know." Those three people are, uh, well-known, my standing, but also very happy. Listen to the bell and Ring in the academy, and the three of them will have to be late for class. Lin II let my put that Xiangjiang video "hero", listen to those two people chat, originally that sports students also covet Lily, see that Lin two really dazzling. A four that night then know, a few days but rather than pay for tobacco and wine, see Sheiku weekdays in Lin Two before the domineering, really difficult to control, then also back out. Also by the sale of four favors, is when Asiven can pass the college Mr., weekdays and "ointment help" also can socialize, to tonight that old gap also already thaw.

Immediately see Jian Min, enewsletter a few also gathered over, the people will talk about the evening ball game, in recent days to four can be scenery unlimited, every war has won. Even that Guo girl several times in person in the field, a four see article was suppressed will come to gas, that field more crazy. Lin two but in the back of the field, more robust, but there is no bright spot. Petering Star of the Academy, Sheiku has also fallen, the day after the game see Lin inevitably ridicule: "vegetarian smell its stunt" full Moon machete ", you did not." Finally Sheiku also said a fair sentence: "You are here bi-salty", said that the eyes of the rare soft many. Xiao Xie next to smile: "Then who am I?" "You--" Lin Xie per capita surprised, then shook his head sighing, and then laughed. Xiao Xie but Hanxiao, do not take heed. Say, Sheiku will pull up Lin two, "Go, Hou Shan". "I have not eaten--" the words did not finish, see her look back, handsome a pick, Lin two abruptly to swallow. The two men then threw the little Xie down and went to the back hill.

But said that day sunset will fall, rosy clouds miles. The back door Stone road still shouting, the lights gradually clear, the Academy of the buildings of the light smear. Only this after the mountain lonely heart slope, longan, green Grass Yan Yan. In the distance there are a few pairs of students, Linchey two similar smile, Lily suddenly raised her nose and asked: "What day today?" "Lin heart a tight, shun a sentence:" What day? "My Birthday!" What about you? Lin two party understand, today's solar August 20, Xiao Xie has already kid the two people on the same day birthday. But Lin two in the past birthday is according to that lunar, so also not care, do not want to today is a mistake. A beat of the head, self-scold damned, the matter was not prepared. The Sheiku looked at the counter will laugh: "At noon at home to eat life, just what is said to be true." I can't find a piece of paper for you, Rewardcash octopus. Said then pursed up the mouth, Lin smiled, low head dare not move.

"Remember that last year, he also said that his deskmate brilliant, talent a table," now? "In recent days because of those worries, Lin two mood is really low, now the articulation is also insufficient." "It is indeed!" Lin two looked up, saw Sheiku crooked head Smile Road. In the mind a think is also, weekdays but chat, even a thoughtful words never said. At this time, I would like to justify, but also could not talk about, just smiled. See that the school bell rang, two people think the sky is late, busy back to the hospital, without words. At that time, little Ai mu, although there are every night, today Shen Garden of Sorrow, no same? Three words, only to promote the book into.

To know the funeral, and listen to tell.

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(ii) the day of the same day the birthday of the language Yixing brothers grudges [forest handsome works collection]

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