Illustrator Brush Design Paint word effect production tutorial

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To give you illustrator software users to detailed analysis to share the brush design paint word effect of the production tutorial.
Tutorial Sharing:
1, open illustrator,ctrl+n Create a new document, as shown in figure:

2, if your software window does not have a "brush" palette, select (Window-brush) or F5 key. Pull up (brush) palette.
Mainly include: calligraphy effect brush, dotted brush, pattern brush, line brush four kinds.
Calligraphy effect Brush: Imitate the effect of the brush, draw the brush path is the center along the path line.
Dotted brush: Copies a basic drawing object several and distributes along the path to form a brush path graph.
Pattern brushes: Repeats a basic drawing object on a path to form a brush path graph.
Line brush: Stretches a basic drawing object along a path to form a brush path graph.

3, the following describes the use of the brush tool to create brush path graphics specific ways:
In the Brush palette that opens, select a brush sample, as shown in:
Double-click the Brush tool, the Pop-up Brush Tool Options dialog box, as shown in:
(Fidelity) text box, you can enter a value between 0.5-20, the larger the values, the brush path closer to the path of the mouse drag, on the contrary, the brush path deviates from the mouse drag path.
(smoothness) text box to enter a value or drag the slider to set the smoothness, with a value range of 0%-100%, the larger the number, the more smooth the brush path drawn.
Select (Fill in the new brush stroke) check box, our new brush path will be populated, and if you select (Keep selected), the brush path you create will remain selected after you release the mouse, and after you select (Edit the selected path) check box, you can edit the newly created path graphic.

4, after setting, click (OK) button. When you click and drag the mouse in the view, the brush sample you just selected appears on the drawn path, as shown in the figure:
If you want to modify the path, you need to first select the path, and then drag the mouse, the original path will change as the mouse drags.

5, the following is the use of a point-like brush to draw a simple shading:
Calligraphy with a calligraphy brush:
To stroke a path shape with a pattern brush:
Drawing with the line brush tool:

6. If you want to remove the brush effect on a graphic, just select the graphic, and then click the (Remove Brush Stroke) button under the Palette (brush). This leaves the original path. As shown in figure:

7. Click (Options for the selected object) button to open the Brush Options dialog box that applies to the selected graphic, changing the brush's appearance by adjusting its parameters. As shown in figure:

8, IN (Brush) palette Select a brush, and then click on the right side of the palette button, open the Palette menu, from which to select (copy brush) command, the copied brush will be displayed in (brush) palette. As shown in figure:

9. If you want to remove a brush, select the brush, click the (Remove Brush) button below the palette, or select the (remove Brush) command from the Palette menu. The Delete Brush dialog box appears and can be deleted by clicking on it.

10, click (New Brush) button, you can open (new Brush) dialog box, create a new brush.
Final effect

Well, the above information is small set to you illustrator of this software users brought the detailed brush design paint word effect of the production of the whole content of the tutorial analysis, you see the users here, small knitting believe that everyone is now very clear the method of making it, Then please go to the previous tutorial to draw your own paint.
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