Illustrator using rectangular tools to draw cubes Tutorial list

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To the users of the illustrator software to share a detailed analysis of the use of rectangular tools to draw cubes tutorial.
Tutorial Sharing:
1 with the mouse click on the Tools palette, select the Rectangular tool, click on the graphics panel with the Rectangle tool, the Rectangle dialog box appears, enter the same width and height values, and make the rectangle wide and high equal, so you can draw a square.

2 with the mouse click or type V on the Tools palette. Select the selection tool; Use the selection tool to copy a square; Continue using the selection tool, drag the horizontal edge of its stroke, keep its width unchanged, and reduce its height to about 40%.

3 Use the mouse to select "Tilt Tool" on "tool" function board; Click the Tilt tool to place a reference point on the bottom left corner of the rectangle, click the anchor in the upper-right corner, and drag horizontally to the right, making its hypotenuse about 45 degrees to the horizontal.

In the first step, there is another simple way to draw a square with the rectangle tool: Select the Rectangle tool, click and drag on the graphics board, and hold down the SHIFT key while you drag, keeping the width and height consistent, and drawing the shape as a square. Use this method to get the exact size of the square "information" palette. The second step in the technical background: When you select a shape with the selection tool, a blue box containing the shape appears with eight dots on it, clicking a point on the four corner and dragging to change width and height, while clicking the other four points and dragging to change the value only in the horizontal or vertical direction. This reader can experience it for himself. 4 using a method similar to the third step, get another parallelogram as shown in the figure. Take advantage of the height and width shown in the info and transform panels to get a rectangle that is the same width as the previous rectangle, and tilt tool to tilt it to a 45-degree angle.

5 on the Tools palette, click or Type V, select the Selection tool, and use the selection tool to move a parallelogram with 45 degrees of skew to the sides of the square so that three figures are put together;

6 Use the Swatches palette to select the colors you want for each graphic, and select the Paint Bucket tool on the tools palette with your mouse. or type k, color each graphic separately, and change its color to one that you like, remove the selection and watch the effect.

7 in this example, in addition to using the rectangular tool to draw a square, we also introduced the use of the selection tool to adjust the height and width of the graphic and use the tilt tool to change the tilt angle of the graphic method, the reader in the practice of attention to grasp and experience. The technical background of step fourth: The Tilt tool is in the same pop-up menu as the Reflection Tool, and its shortcut key is O. The quadrilateral area is unchanged before and after the "tilt tool" is converted.
The position of the reference point in the conversion is arbitrary, but for better results and easier control, it is best to place the reference point at the center point or anchor point.
The fifth step is not very good when you put three graphics together, the main problem is that the width and tilt angle of the two parallelogram is not appropriate, and you can then adjust one or both of the selection tool and the tilt tool to match it.
Well, the above information is the details of the detailed tutorial on using the rectangular tool to draw cubes for the users of this software, illustrator. You see the users here, small series believe that you see here is now very clear how to draw the bar, Then everyone will go to the small part of the tutorial to share with you to draw the cube to try it.

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