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Win8 questions about Adobe CS6 patch coverage failure (Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Fireworks CS6)

I installed Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Illustrator CS6 in the Adobe folder. When I overwritten the path file for AI, I found that PS and AI could not be opened. Repeated coverage is useless. However, it is strange that fireworks CS6 can be used. Fw I have not installed it in the same folder as PS and AI. I guess it's about installing the directory? Then I overwrite

Win7 adobe Illustrator CS4 software is slow to open

Failure phenomenon: WIN7 adobe Illustrator CS4 software is slow to open Reason Analysis: ILLUSTRATOR plug-ins too much, low configuration. Solution: 1, System Configuration Low: ILLUSTRATOR must meet the conditions.1.1 Processor: Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64 or above.1.2 RAM: More than 1GB.1.3 Hard drive: 2GB fr

Illustrator exquisite Adobe Bridge conch vector icon tutorial

For your illustrator software users to detailed analysis to share the painting of exquisite Adobe Bridge conch vector icon Tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1. Placing images First, press CTRL + N in Illustrator CS2 to open the New Document dialog box, enter the name "Bridge icon" and set the document size appropriately, and then click the

Adobe Illustrator Multiple Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities (APSB12-10)

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Adobe Illustrator CS5.5Adobe Illustrator CS5Adobe Illustrator CS4Adobe Illustrator CS3Adobe Illustrator CS2Adobe Illustrator CSUnaffected system:Adobe

AI (Adobe Illustrator) detailed usage (iv)

the interval.Now select the Star, in the Transparency panel, select the blending mode as a multiply and the opacity to 50% to achieve a desired effect.Second, BLOB brush toolBlog Brush Chinese is the "Blob stroke tool."Press the left bracket on the keyboard to narrow the brush, and the right bracket to enlarge the brush.1. New PathThe blog brush creates a new path in both cases. Two paths are non-overlapping Two paths with different colors In both cases, a new path may be gene

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Activation Code Registration code

Third, Adobe Illustrator CS6 Registration code serial number:1, 1034-1955-1912-9397-7476-80522, 1034-1668-8952-7987-3820-55473, 1034-1495-3357-8785-3811-89694, 1034-1321-0813-8474-9613-29805, 1034-1657-0473-2836-5344-95256, 1034-1164-5268-7467-2256-14377, 1034-1061-1590-6165-0842-74808, 1034-1207-1899-4522-3960-43009, 1034-1705-3895-1676-7429-038010, 1034-1280-8657-2611-2265-8388 Four,

Flash Builder creates a new Adobe Illustrator project

A recent project needs to create a plug-in program in Adobe Illustrator, which describes how to build a flex project in Flash Builder.First configure the basic environment, install on the Adobe official website, Extension_builder_2_1_ls1,adobe Extension Builder is integrated inside.Select an item in the file-new, choos

Adobe Illustrator Engineering and C + + engineering message Delivery

recent projects, developing Adobe Illustrator's plugins under the C + + platform, and designing the UI for the Adobe application Extension created by Flash Builder Projects under the Adobe Illustrator platform in Project. This article describes how to interact with C + + engineering for messaging. first, according to

AI (Adobe Illustrator) detailed usage (ii)

window-"text-".The size of the wordLine spacingThe degree of the word Vlasov "not recommended, not beautiful, adjustable font to achieve the purpose"Horizontal stretching "Not recommended, not beautiful, adjustable font to achieve the purpose"Single Character spacingAll Word spacingTo raise some charactersAdjusting the angle of rotationCapitalize all charactersCase switchingUpper and Lower corner markAdd underline and Strikethrough styles3. Paragraph settingYou can set the alignment mode.First

AI usage (Adobe Illustrator)

scheme? When the simulated image is opened, click the color palette icon on the right side to absorb the color from the straw, and click New Color Palette on the color palette Panel. This color exists on this color palette, in the same way, draw other color values and create them one by one. When all colors are finished, click the icon in the lower left corner of the color palette panel: store the color palette. Go to your file, open the color palette panel, click the icon in the lower left cor

CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator convert to Photoshop shape path

CorelDraw X12AI cs5PS cs51. Open AI, open the file, and press Ctrl + C to copy the file. (if not, open CorelDraw and export it as AI, and then open ai)2. Open Photoshop and press Ctrl + V to paste it.[Suggestion]ChangeSmart ObjectHowever, you need to enable AI during editing,Converting to pixel = meaningless, requires a vector imageConvert to path, er, no colorConvert to shape, monochrome (the default is the foreground color)The Internet is so crazy that you have to practice everything before yo

AI (Adobe Illustrator) detailed usage (i)

menu also has the same effect by selecting it.Another quick way to choose is to save the selected stuff and then name it so that it appears in the selection menu.For example, the selection of two Bear Paw, save, named Paw, so by choosing the menu paw can quickly choose two bear Paw.The author starof, because the knowledge itself in the change, the author is also constantly learning and growth, the content of the article is not updated regularly, in order to avoid misleading readers, convenient

Computer to open AI prompts Adobe Illustrator has stopped working solution

Ai, Adobe Illustrator, is a vector drawing tool, widely used in printing and publishing, professional illustration, multimedia image processing and Web page production. However, a user reflected in the computer to open the AI, pop-up prompts: "Adobe illustrator has stopped working." If you encounter the above problems,

Solved the problem of automatically disabling Adobe Illustrator cs5 after it is started.

after installing the cs5 design suite and cracking it, it is found that other software works normally. However, it is automatically disabled when the illustrator is turned on. I searched the internet for many reasons, however, I finally determined a method that is effective for my situation: After installing aics5, do not immediately use the crack patch. You must first start the original version and enter one of the following serial numbers:

AI (Adobe Illustrator) Easy to get started-cubs

Heart shapeNext, take a rest on the shape.Select the Center shape, then choose the Eraser tool, and press and hold the SHIFT key on the keyboard to the left and top right to drag.You can also adjust the size of the eraser by the left and right brackets when erasing.13. Put the heart on the back of the two front paws.Drag the shape layer to the back of your paw.At this point, the little bear was painted.The author starof, because the knowledge itself in the change, the author is also constantly

Illustrator guides and rods using tips sharing

easier to use than version 7, and other users may be saddened by the loss of the add Anchor points filter and the ability to repeat it with COMMAND-OPTION-E. Adobe does not recognize this, but Mac users can easily recover them by dragging these old filters into the filter folder in the Illustrator 7 Plug-ins folder (if they still have version 6) 10 use CMYK for the first choice Because IL

Easily test the same page on a variety of devices using Adobe Edge inspect

Developers who have experienced mobile Web development know that testing the same page on a variety of devices is a tedious task. Now, we can use Adobe Edge inspect to simplify this effort. If you use Edge Inspect, you can browse the same page in a browser on a variety of devices. In addition, the software also provides tools for debugging, which makes it easy to debug any problems that exist on the page. The more devices your Web site needs to suppor

Using flex in Adobe AIR to connect to the SQLite database (1) (creating databases and tables, as well as synchronous and asynchronous execution modes)

SeriesArticleNavigation Using flex in Adobe AIR to connect to the SQLite database (1) (creating databases and tables) Use flex in Adobe AIR to connect to the SQLite database (2) (add, delete, modify, and statement parameters) Connecting to the SQLite database using flex in

How to draw complex smooth curves using Illustrator

To give you illustrator software users to detailed analysis to share the plot of the complex smooth curve tutorial. Method Sharing: Complex smooth curve is not refers to the macroscopic shape of lines, such as a lot of bumps, depressions, transitions and mutations, and so on, it is a macroscopic view of a whole curve, smooth refers to the curve transition smooth, whether the rapid or soft transition, are smooth. Strategy refers to

[Q] automatically save PDFs using Adobe PDF virtual printer

When you print with the Map Wizard, select the "Adobe PDF" virtual printer printing (note that "Print to file" is not selected), each sheet will pop up a save dialog box, how to avoid?Find the Adobe PDF printer from hardware and sound devices and printers, control Panel, operating systemRight-click on the Adobe PDF printer, print preferences, select Document\*pdf

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