I'm the it Little bird.

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On a big semester, the college students career planning teacher recommended to us the "I am a It small bird" this book, I am not a person who love to read, at first, just holding to write the factors, look, but look at, feel pretty inspired, made a mind to see. One of the words in the book is written in this way, "If you feel like you can't do it, just stick to it, and then you'll be paralyzed, and the feeling of fear will gradually fade away." "Two words to describe this passage is---insist. Yes, learning your insistence, a person who does not insist on how can be successful, unless he is a rich second generation, or that she can marry a rich second generation, it is clear that I am not rich second generation, of course, as a man, I can not marry a rich second generation. What can be called persistence? Hold on and you'll win. As long as the heart is still, the dream is still there, we can still persist until victory. There is no cross, only the heart of fear. Do not fear, seize the hope can break through the difficulties to find the direction. To the grindstone, he was in front of him. I am a person who has the pursuit of life, want to seriously do a good thing, it will be able to use all the best to do it to achieve their own state, since I chose it, I have to learn it, love it, learn a door, love a door.
I am not afraid to write code, not afraid to understand the problem. But now there is a problem, I do not like English, there is no strength to speak English. I know insist, but for English, it is like eating a sleeping pill, yes, a see English is sleepy, I try to listen carefully in class, will be distracted, the words can not remember, remember that is not a few days to forget. But when I encountered difficulties, the classmates encouraged me, help me, I am very gratified. This does not remind me of the words in this book, "In short, if a person, or have an environment to help you learn, more than your own learning effect is certainly better." "I believe that as long as I have confidence, for learning it, learning English, I will progress, one year, two years, ten years, unremitting efforts, if you focus on an industry or a technology for decades, then you will be an industry or a specialist in this technology."
When studying in the school, not to read books, we are no longer in that only the pursuit of test scores of high school, need more contact with new things. In the university, seriously study, experience life, for the future of life to do the final preparation and planning. If you are still confused in the IT world, I would recommend "I am a It little bird" this book, read the right.
I am an IT little bird, I would like to fly higher, farther.

I'm the it Little bird.

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