Image amplification without losing the true software S-spline V2

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We often encounter situations where a small size image is enlarged and a lot of mosaic-like monochrome blocks appear in this clear local detail. This is because the bitmap (which is described in more detail later in this paper) is the reason why the software is coloring the new pixel in the process of zooming in. Image format selection of compression algorithm and software amplification algorithm (such as the nearest neighbor interpolation, nearest neighbor sampling, bilinear interpolation, three convolution normal difference and so on. It is possible to increase the resolution by one more time (but also more) if the image quality is reduced (but the quality will be significantly reduced). The core of the algorithm is to insert a third pixel between the original two pixels, and make its color equal to the average of the pixels around it, which determines the quality of the image after magnification.

S-spline Software is the predecessor of Photozoom Professional. Although the function is less, but the amplification function is a bit unambiguous. It uses an excellent interpolation algorithm, which can obtain higher picture quality.

Software Name: S-spline
Software version: 2.2
Company: Ben Vista
Official website:
Software download: download (Flashget)
Chinese download: download (Flashget)

S-spline eggs. The following figure:

S-spline interface. The following figure:

S-spline main operating area. The following figure:

The s-spline uses Sspline, Blinear, bicubic, and image-local comparisons without any algorithm. The following figure:

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