Improve the quality of advertising and effect process three: how to strengthen memory

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The article introduced how to use the unconscious attention and intentional attention in the cognitive system of shallow processing to improve the quality and effectiveness of advertising. Next, we enter the third stage, phase three, including memory and association, the main role of the deep processing of information is persuasion, that is, through the analysis of Memory and association, the use of skills to promote banner users to prevent boredom, second, make users easy to recognize and accept the promotion of banner information , resulting in a higher click intention.

Space limit, the first presentation memory. The next period will present an associative article.

From the angle of information processing, memory is the process of encoding, storing and extracting the information input from the human brain, how to design and popularize the banner can make the information easy to remember, and can recognize it quickly when it is reproduced, and produce a good emotional response, there are the following aspects:

1, short lines of text: People in the browsing ads, information in a very short period of time to save. Because keep the time is very short, so the advertising text can not be too long, to avoid the user to see the text behind and forget the front content, but also reduce the effort eye movement, reduce the user's cognitive burden.

Text slightly longer before modification

The modification not only conveys the required information for banner before the modification, but also contains more information, and the user reads it more easily.

2. Add logo, training work, trainer portrait, trainer portrait, training environment picture

When browsing the promotion banner, the user does not deliberately memory the advertisement content, therefore adds the content related to the reality scene or other advertisement scene (for example brand logo, trainer portrait, training work, training environment picture), When people in the real scene or other forms of advertising to see and promote banner similar words and patterns, it is possible to recognize, to help promote advertising.

Re-recognition refers to the psychological process of being able to be identified and confirmed when something that has been experienced in the past comes back. When the original things are similar to the things that come back, the higher the similarity is, the quicker and more accurate the recognition is, and the harder and slower the converse.

(1) Logo belongs to identity recognition, deepen user recognition and identification of products and brands

Before modification

Add logo into corporate culture after modification to give more meaning to advertisement

(2) Add the training works, the trainer portrait, the training environment picture

When people in the real scene or other advertising scenes to see the brand or similar to the advertising text and patterns, the emergence of recognition increased familiarity.

Before modification

After modification

3. Avoid negative sentences, you can use interrogative sentences

(1) The use of negative sentences will increase the difficulty and time of information processing, will also occupy more users to remember and understand the resources. So try to avoid negative sentences. Of course, that high frequency or popular negative phrase is not in it, because in the daily constant contact and processing, it has been imperceptibly into a whole.

The negative sentence increases the processing burden to understand more laborious

Affirmative sentences easy to understand

(2) The use of interrogative sentences, can increase user participation, in-depth processing of information. By asking questions: The form of questioning will not consciously allow users to participate in thinking, improve participation, to facilitate the in-depth processing of information, strengthen memory.

The effect of interrogative sentence is also good to extend the impulse of users to read down

4. Rhyme and Repeat Keywords

Rhythm and frequency not only can make consumers deepen the impression of advertising content, and the picture is full of movement and rhythm; At the same time, rhythm and repetition keyword can increase the user's familiarity with the product (exposure effect), familiar with the impact of exposure effect will increase the user's goodwill, which will enhance the click Intention.

Exposure effect is that, because of increased exposure to the familiar things, you can add a positive element in their mind, that is, see more times, will increase the degree of liking. But not the more absolute exposure, the better, because exposure will bring many associations, both positive and negative, and then create contradictory feelings. Exposure is most likely to be facilitated when a company or product is still new and the consumer is unfamiliar.

In addition, studies from the 2008 United States have shown that in the non competitive environment, the effect of change is good (the same content, different forms of expression), in a competitive environment, simple repetition (the same expression) effect increased.

Before modification

After modification

5. Specific expression (functional low-end advertising)

According to different consumer demand motivation to locate different ads. When demand and motivation are not the same, consumers focus on the content of the ads are different.

(1) When advertising focuses on the promotion of effect and function, and the price is relatively low, you can put such ads into functional low-end advertising, and this type of user demand is relatively pragmatic, focus on the content of rationality, pay attention to the external effects of products, pay attention to the product function of the description and practical exposition. Therefore, in the promotion of such ads, the use of specific effects of the expression rather than the brand concept of publicity, can make information clearer, the promotion of relatively better.

Heavy effects

(2) When the advertisement emphasizes the brand and the idea propaganda and the commodity price is expensive, can put this kind of advertisement into the brand high-end advertisement. This kind of commodity has established the brand image in the consumer's mind, pays attention to this kind of advertisement the user demand to be more perceptual, pays more attention to the idea propaganda and the concept packing, the attention product conveys the idea and the spirit. So in the promotion of such ads, the use of metaphysical concept of brand advocacy, can highlight high-end information, the effect is relatively good.

Heavy brand Promotion

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