In the software version, what does Alpha, beta, RC, and trial mean?

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V (version): indicates the version number. (For example, Everest ultimate v4.20.1188 beta)
Build: indicates a version number by number or date. (For example, verycd eMule v0.48a build 071112)
SP: Service Pack, upgrade package. (For example, Windows xp sp 2/Vista SP 1)

Development Phase Division:
ALPHA: beta version for internal communication or testing by professional testers. There are many bugs. It is recommended that you do not install them.
Beta (Beta): A Public Beta version that is used for large-scale testing by professional enthusiasts. This version is not suitable for general users.
Gamma (gamma): a fairly mature beta version, which is almost the same as the official version to be released.
RC version: Abbreviation of release candidate, which indicates the release countdown. The candidate version, in the Gamma stage, has completed all functions and cleared most of the bugs. At this stage, only bugs will be removed, and no major changes will be made to the software. From alpha to Beta to Gamma is an improved relationship, but RC1 and RC2 are usually a trade-off relationship.
Final: official version.

Authorization and function division:
Trial: The trial version usually has time restrictions, and some trial software still has certain functional limitations. You can register or purchase the official version .,

Unregistered. You can register or purchase the official version.
Demo: demo version. It only integrates several functions of the official version and cannot be upgraded to the official version.
Lite: Lite version.
Full Version: Full version, which belongs to the official version.

Language Division:
SC: Simplified Chinese.
CN: Simplified Chinese version
GBK: simplified Chinese characters internal code extension specification edition.
TC: Traditional Chinese version.
CHT: Traditional Chinese Version
Big5: five-digit Traditional Chinese version.
En: English version
Utf8: Unicode Transformation Format 8 bit, which is not a good solution for the existing Chinese system.

Other Versions
Enhance: the enhanced version or enhanced version belongs to the official version 1.
Free: Free Edition
Release: release has a time limit
Upgrade: upgraded
Retail: Retail Edition
Cardware: a type of shared software. You only need to send an email or postcard to the author. (Some authors provide registration codes). Currently, this form is rare. /S
Plus: it is an enhanced version, but most of it is enhanced on the program interface and multimedia functions.
Preview: preview
Corporation & Enterprise: Enterprise Edition
Standard: Standard
Mini: The mini version is also called Lite version with only the most basic functions
Premium: Premium Edition
Professional: Professional Edition
Express: simple Edition

Deluxe: Deluxe Edition
Regged: Registered version

In the software version, what does Alpha, beta, RC, and trial mean?

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