Information learning resources in medical industry

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This is my time to explore and summarize a list of learning resources, can be used as information workers in the medical industry for reference, for those who want to enter the industry, should be able to help

Chen Xizhang July 16, 2015


1. A + Medical encyclopedia

2. Thesis Search

3. China Digital Medical Network

4. Hit Expert network

5. Health Sector

6. Lilac Garden Forum

Public number

1. Lilac Garden

2. Hc3i China Digital Medical Network

3. Medical connections

4. China Information Community e-Medical


Technical class

1. General higher education Medical Colleges and universities "Twelve-Five" planning? Information Technology: A course in hospital information system

2. Practical Medical Informatics

Management class

1. Revealing the American medical system and its related industries

2. Leveraging the hospital's leverage: change and innovation in management

3. Master of Public Health (MPH) series of textbooks? Theory and methods of hospital management

4. Modern hospital service process and quality evaluation

5. Modern Hospital outpatient process management

6. "Performance revolution" large-scale hospital performance reform whole case

7. Hospital Management: Human Resources Management fascicle (2nd edition)

Humanities Category

1. Dr. Zhivago (20th Century foreign literature selection)

2. The Spectator of Life: Montaigne's essay

3. Medicine is science: Medical Humanities Dialogue

4. What is medicine (what is not known as a natural science)

5. Because it's a doctor.

6. Big Hospital (Suspense World Series book)

7. Chinese disease and medicine: Meditation from Peking University medical Department

8. Devil Hills (Thomas Mann)

9. Plague (Albert Camus)

10. Girl: A father's notes

11. The Dead House

12. A Chinese encounter in China

Other classes

1. Medical reform is in progress (Jing Hui Hospital Management Book Department)

2. Why is health reform so difficult

3. Positioning: The most influential concept of American marketing in history (Trout Classic series)

4. Mobile Medical

5. Enterprise structure: The successful operation mode of enterprise in Value network era

6. The Internet thinking alone nine swords

7. My Internet methodology

Development reference

1. PowerBuilder database Development Classic Example Fine solution (Chen Yongqiang, Qian Li, Jiangongxia, mechanical industry Press)

2. PowerBuilder advanced Programming and its Project application development (Chen Gang, Dong Wei, Li Cunbin, China Water Conservancy and hydropower Press)

3. Oracle 8i Database Advanced Application Development technology (Shangfei, people's post and Telecommunications press)

4. Oracle 8i database development techniques and techniques (SCHERER.D, mechanical industry Press)

5. Visual C # Network programming (Zheng Achi, Electronics Press)

6. jquery Combat (Bear Bibeault, People's post and Telecommunications press)

7. JavaScript and jquery Practical manual (David Sawyer McFarland, Mechanical Industry Press)

8. Three-tier architecture-based ASP (Mi Junying, China Power Press)

9. ASP. 4.0 from beginner to proficient (Zhang Zhengli, Tsinghua University Press)

C # Advanced Programming, Seventh Edition (Christian Nagel, Tsinghua University Press)

One. Oracle database explaining and troubleshooting (Zhaoping, electronic industry Press)

PowerBuilder Practical Course (Zheng Achi, electronic industry Press)

13. Software Architecture (Zhang Yusheng, Tsinghua University Press)

14. Software Engineering (Zhang Haifan, Tsinghua University Press)

Information learning resources in medical industry

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