Initial cluster Virtualization (ii)--xen, KVM, OpenStack, VMware ESXi, Citrix XenServer and many other options

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The small partners found some information about mainstream programs, and eventually chose XenServer6.5 as a platform for building.

Xen Features:

Powerful, support for various distributions of Linux

Typically installed on an existing Linux operating system, is a semi-virtualized installation



1) Install and configure Xen on CentOS 6.5

2) Xen made easy last data mentioned in order to reduce the difficulty of compiling the source code, there are directly written by Daniel recommended installation version

Usage Experience:

1) Instead of using Xen made easy, install Xen using source code, after the steps to upgrade the Linux kernel from 2.6 to 3.2. The process is more cumbersome. Because it is installed in the virtual machine, missing some driver components, helpless to abandon the installation--

2) Although not installed successfully, but feel the power of Xen function, is learning virtualization technology excellent information.

KVM (kernel-based Virtual machine) Features:

Up-and-comer, mainstream Linux contains KVM after the 2.6 kernel



NASA's cloud computing platform, supported by leading vendors in cloud computing, is similar to KVM.

Other lab classmates recommend the cloud platform, not in-depth research, visual more powerful than Xen, deeply feel the strong trend of cloud platform.

VMware ESXi (vSphere)Characteristics:

Dingding's renowned VMware virtualization platform is easy to install, with vsphere, a unified management platform for Windows.

Usage Experience:

1) installed on bare metal, the process is convenient, all the hardware is recognized correctly, the management software on Windows can operate the cluster remotely, it is very convenient.

2) but to use multiple machines in parallel, such as load balancing or disaster backup, you need to put all the physical hosts in the pool . ESXi is more complex in this respect, and the ESXi5.5 version we install requires a separate window server host and tools such as SQL Server to achieve the goal.

3) In addition, it is chargeable.


XenServer is a Xen-based server virtualization platform for Citrix (Citrix).


Similar to ESXi, easy to install, with Windows-side graphical remote management interface

Free!!! The latest version of 6.5 was released in January 2015, and Citrix has xenserver open source, and regular users can use it for free forever.


Usage Experience:

1) Initial installation of version 6.2, unable to identify the SSD SSD. contacted the SSD manufacturer and learned that there is no 6.2 version of the driver.

2) Just xenserver out of the 6.5 version, so try to install, successful identification ~ ~

3) It is very convenient to use Citrix Center for Remote management of windows, so it is very simple to build pool and become the final choice for us to build a platform.


Figuring out the need--not building a platform for learning cloud computing--but building it for the sake of satisfying purpose in a limited time, and choosing a xenserver that is simple to install and easy to manage

Initial cluster Virtualization (ii)--xen, KVM, OpenStack, VMware ESXi, Citrix XenServer and many other options

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