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Inria Object detection and Localization Toolkit author:navneet Dalal OLT Toolkit for Windows:wilson Suryajaya, Curtin University, Australia, has modified OLT for Windows. You can download the source code from his website.

Download the binaries or the library version of the software for Linux from. Release Date:13 Aug, 2007. Note The code accepts only linear SVM models.
These are are old binaries. The Users are requested to use the code to compile binaries for their system. For info, this binaries are complied and tested on Ubuntu 7.04 using GCC 4.1. The library accepts the same linear SVM model files as dumped by the above binaries.

Download the binaries of the software for Mac Leopard 10.5.x from here. Release date:05 Sept, 2008. Note The code accepts only linear SVM models.
Binaries Required IMLIB2 Library. You can get it from Macport and imlib2 contained in there.

To download the source code, click here. Release Date:16 Oct, 2008 (Uses improved M4 macros, removed GSL dependency, depends upon, IMLIB2, boost 1.35+ and blitz. C Ompiling should is breeze now. Also added code for compiling a binary which can read binary annotations and dump it in PASCAL format. Note The code accepts only linear SVM models.

The described work is CVPR paper  histograms of oriented gradients for Human detection  an D My PhD thesis  finding people in Images and vidoes. Besides person detection we have used the same framework for other object detection tasks. Can find the details in my PhD thesis. For results on Pascal year 2005/2006 see  Pascal Visual Object Classes Challenge. If you are are interested in comparison of we approach to other approaches see  results  of the Pascal Challenge. Notes the binaries and the source provided above are part a much bigger toolkit the I have written my PhD during S. We have do extensive testing and have evaluated several other approaches to object detection, so some options or pie Ces of the source code may is redundant for object detection task described in CVPR and the Pascal Challenge. You could play with this options, but do don't send me mails if something stop working if you change options. The BinarY package includes an example shell script and a readme. Read Readme, download we associated person Detection data Set and run the provided script. The code is provided as it's without any support. The current documentation are far from sufficient. Please read our CVPR paper and my PhD thesis carefully. Hopefully meaning of most options should be clear. For purpose of our experiments, we MODIFIED SVM light of Thorsten Joachims. You can download the modified version of SVM light From here. We Call this version "SVM dense". Note SVM Dense was an unsupported code. Please don't send any mail w.r.t. It neither to Thorsten Joachims nor to us. Disclaimer This CODE is provided ' as is ' and without any EXPRESS OR implied warranties, including, without, the Implied warranties of merchantability and FITNESS for A particular purpose. Use at your own risk. 
License This software be distributed under the "Cecill-b Free software License agreement", and subject to the following ad ditional Requirement (Article) regarding acknowledgements. ARTICLE 14-acknowledgements Any licensee who publishes a scientific or technical Work (including but not limited to Conf Erence and journal papers, technical reports, white papers, software manuals, Web sites, and oral presentations of It based on, or that uses results obtained with, the original or Modified Software hereby expressly to include In the Work a acknowledgement of the use of the Software in the Work. Moreover, if the Work includes scientific citations, and unless such a citation would Opriate, the licensee agrees to include in the Work at least one citation to the scientific publications that originally D Escribed the method implemented in the Software.

The following scientific publications contain the original descriptions of the method implemented in this Software:histog Rams of oriented gradients for Human detection. Navneet Dalal and Bill Triggs. IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern recognition (CVPR), vol. II, pages 886-893, June 2005. Paper available here. Human detection using oriented histograms of flow and appearance. Navneet Dalal, Bill Triggs and Cordelia Schmid. European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), vol. II, pages 428-441, May 2006. Paper available here. Finding people in images and videos. Navneet Dalal. PhD Thesis, Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, July 2006. Thesis available here. Support of European Union 6th Framework Project Acemedia is greatly acknowledged.

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