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FLV video is not the same as flash. The full name is Flash video, and the player used is not the same. In the course of making courseware, we often need to download various resources from the network to enrich the courseware content and improve the classroom effect. Most are favorably cool, potatoes and other video sites to download the FLV format video files, but can not be inserted into our common multimedia production software PowerPoint. Today, I had this problem when I was doing courseware for a school, and I told you about the experience and shared the results of playing FLV video files in PowerPoint.

Link point method, simple and easy

Can do a link to the movie, click on the link can jump out of the window to play the movie file.

Play with Shockwave Flash control

The file name of the FLV video is passed to the pptflv.swf file via the parameter file, played with the Shockwave Flash control.

First, download pptflv.swf files

This file is similar to a Web page in the FLV video Player of a Flash file (available Baidu search download down postscript to change file name, retain extension)

Second, insert a Shockwave Flash control in PowerPoint (take PowerPoint2003 as an example in the following steps)

Step One: Select the view → toolbars → control toolbox options in the PowerPoint Window menu

Step Two: Select other controls in the Control Toolbox panel, as shown in the following illustration.

Step Three: Create an instance of a Shockwave Flash object object in the PowerPoint work window

Three, set control properties:

Right-click the Shockwave Flash Object object instance in the PowerPoint work window, select Properties on the shortcut menu, and set properties for this control.

In each parameter of the attribute, the main setting is the "Movie" parameter, the parameter value example: Pptflv.swf?file= sangumaolu. FLV

Among them, pptflv.swf is to step down the full file name of the Flash file, Sangumaolu. flv is the file name of the FLV video that needs to be played, and the user simply replaces the pptflv.swf with the name of the file they downloaded, "Sangumaolu." FLV to its own FLV video filename, this flv file can be played in PowerPoint. (Note that the FLV video file should be pointed to the courseware in the same directory as otherwise).

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