Install red5 in centos

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Red5 introduces red5's main functions, similar to Macromedia's FMS, to provide a Java-based Open Source Streaming Media Server Based on flash streaming media services. It is written in Java and uses rtmp as the streaming media transmission protocol, which is fully compatible with FMS. It provides streaming FLV and MP3 files. The real-time recording client streams FLV files, shared objects, real-time video playback, remoting, and other functions. After the FMS is replaced with red5, the client can run normally without any changes. I. First, install jdk1.6red5, which is an open source Streaming Media Server Based on Java. Therefore, to run red5, you must have a Java environment. First, check whether the built-in JDK of centos is installed. Run the following command to view the installed Java version. Java-version: if the current version is 1.6, no installation is required. If not installed, install Yum-y install java-1.6.0-openjdk java-1.6.0-openjdk-devel 2. Install red51. create a temporary directory: CD/usr/localmkdir temp2. download red5 package wget javaszxvf red5-1.0.1.tar.gzmv red5-server-1.0/usr/local/red54. set to executable CD/usr/local/red5chmod + x *. sh 5. test red5./ If the last line shows "Installer Service created", the installation is successful. 6. Edit the configuration file, find the/usr/local/red5/CONF/ file, and change to the server IP address. 3. Add a service startup Item 1. Edit the startup script VI/etc/init. d/red5 #! /Bin/bash # for Redhat and cousins: # chkconfig: 2345 85 # Description: red5 flash Streaming Server # processname: red5 # Created by: Sohail Riaz ([email protected]) prog = red5red5_home =/usr/local/red5daemon = $ red5_home/$ Prog. shpidfile =/var/run/$ Prog. pid # source function library. /etc/rc. d/init. d/functions [-r/etc/sysconfig/red5] &. /etc/sysconfig/red5retval = 0 case "$1" instart) echo-N $ "Starting $ PR OG: "CD $ red5_home $ daemon>/dev/null 2>/dev/null & retval =$? If [$ retval-EQ 0]; thenecho $!> $ Pidfiletouch/var/lock/subsys/$ progfi [$ retval-EQ 0] & Success $ "$ prog startup" | failure $ "$ prog startup" Echo ;; stop) echo-N $ "shutting down $ prog:" killproc-p $ pidfileretval = $? Echo [$ retval-EQ 0] & Rm-F/var/lock/subsys/$ prog; restart) $0 stop $0 start; Status) status $ prog-p $ pidfileretval =$ ?;; *) Echo $ "Usage: $0 {START | stop | restart | status}" retval = 1 esacexit $ retval download: the content in the is 2. add the startup script to the service chmod + x/etc/rc. d/init. d/red5chkconfig-add red5chkconfig red5 on3. set centos firewall to add the following content to the/etc/sysconfig/iptables file: -A input-M state -- state new-m tcp-p tcp -- dport 5080-J ACCEPT-A input-M state -- state new-m tcp-p tcp -- dport 1935-J accept restart Firewall/sbin/Servic E iptables restart check whether/sbin/iptables-L-n4. start red5/etc/init. d/red5 start5. test red5 access http: // yourip in the browser: 5080 here we visit several demos provided by red5 to test whether red5 is easy to use * Note that all the demos in red5 need to be installed first and then run 1) visit http: // yourip: 5080 and click the install link, select a demo and select install... 2) return http: // yourip: 5080, select the demo link, select the demo you just installed, and click View demo link 3) at the end of the page url. HTML. on the page, change http: // localhost/*** to the IP address of your server, and click Connect... If the yellow light turns green, the result is successful ========================================== ================================================================ pay special attention to the red part. The red5 multimedia service occupies port 5080, And the rtmp occupies port 1935. If you cannot access the port, check whether the firewall allows the two ports.

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Install red5 in centos

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