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I recently planned to create my own blog (WordPress). So I applied for two domain names on and then bought a virtual host for one year. Now my website is still on record filing, and the record filing fee is quite long, it may take about 20 days to wait. Now the PHP environment has been built locally.

-The statement is that PHP is simple, and I have previously developed JSP, so the establishment of PHP is smooth. For the first time, just google the Web shoes.

On Mac, it is very easy to use XAMPP to build a PHP environment.

What is XAMPP?

Official introduction:

XAMPP for Mac OS x is the simplest, most practical, and most complete network server solution on Mac OS X. This release includes Apache 2 servers integrated with the latest MySQL, PHP, and Perl. It is released in the form of Mac OS X installation package, including all necessary files, without the need to download anything else.
If you are an experienced network developer or a Mac enthusiast who needs to run servers, create dynamic webpages, or use databases, this is what you are looking!

Download XAMPP and install it for 1 minute.

After the installation is successful, enter http: // localhost in the browser. You can see the following page!

Click phpMyAdmin To Go To The Data View Management page and create a database db_wordpress for your WordPress.


Download WordPress, decompress it to/applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs, and enter http: // localhost/WordPress/in the browser to access WordPress.

When you enter the database for the first time, you need to enter the database username and password for the corresponding configuration, and then you can manage your private blog as needed.

Of course, WordPress has many excellent open-source tools, plug-ins, and skins. You can try them out. I will continue to record my PHP journey in my blog later.

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