Installation of Fiddler under Mac-start

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Use tutorial reference: Http:// Installation Mono Installation

First, the use of a. NET compiled program under a Mac requires a cross-platform scenario, mono (at this stage Microsoft has launched a cross-platform scenario. NET Core, but temporarily only supports console programs). The installer can be downloaded from the Http:// address.

After installation, execute the following command in Terminal:

/library/frameworks/mono.framework/versions/<mono version>/bin/mozroots--import--sync

This step is to download all trusted root certificates from Mozilla LXR in the Mono Certificate library. The root certificate can be used to request an HTTPS address.

Installation of Fiddler

Download the package from fiddler official website Https:// Unzip to a path other than Chinese characters.

Fiddler run

Open terminal, go to the fiddler path you just unzipped, execute the command run:

Mono Fiddler.exe

1. Start the Times wrong, similar to the following

=================================================================got a SIGSEGV while executing native code. This usually Indicatesa fatal error on the Mono runtime or one of the native libraries used by your application.========== =======================================================


Mono--arch=32 Fiddler.exe

2. Start time will be relatively long, about 2 minutes or so, wait a little while

Installation of Fiddler under Mac-start

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