Integrated solution of wireless monitoring network in Small business office

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Introduction to the programme

Small business offices are generally concentrated in commercial office buildings, and the traffic is large and complex. The use of monitoring network is particularly important for security prevention and management. And for corporate office, high-speed, stable, secure wireless network coverage is essential, intranet sharing, behavior management, mobile office, real-time demo can greatly enhance the efficiency.

The scheme for the wired network, wireless Wi-Fi and Security monitoring integrated network solutions, please combine the actual situation to select the necessary equipment (such as the office already has routers, switches, AP and other equipment, just select and monitor related IPC, NVR equipment).

Demand Analysis

When building a network, the corporate office will consider the following requirements in terms of stability, simplicity, flexibility and management costs:
1, can provide high bandwidth network access, high-speed LAN, to ensure rapid data transmission;
2, the network level is simple, easy to maintain, sudden failure easy to locate;
3. Clear Division of authority and management of employees ' Internet behavior, prohibit illegal access, protect company data security;
4, omni-directional wireless coverage, to support the simultaneous access to multiple terminals, wireless roaming can be achieved;
5, installation is simple, through the standard Poe way Cable power supply, to meet the fire demand;
6, through a simple way centralized control camera, easy to preview, storage, playback or alarm settings;
7, consider the expansion of the scale of the enterprise later, network equipment and programs have a good expansion.

Network topology

The office environment is generally relatively open, and the number of wireless APs can be determined as needed. And in the office entrance channel, the front desk, the key office area and so on need to install the camera to carry on the real-time monitoring.

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