Integration: Analysis of Switch Applications in eight major industries

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Integration: Analysis of Switch Applications in eight major industries, including Switch Applications in large enterprises, post and telecommunications industries, railway systems, banking, securities, education, small and medium enterprises, and other industries. No matter which line you are in, it can be helpful.

As video conferencing, real-time multicast, network calls, program-controlled switching, and automatic call forwarding demonstrate the emergence of a new generation of applications in the multimedia era, where should the exchange technology develop? It is certain that high bandwidth, security, service quality, and intelligence should be the technical direction pursued by the next generation switch. However, it is worth mentioning that some manufacturers are moving towards Distributed Network Computing of switches.

Web switch

The development of the Internet is changing rapidly. To cope with increasing loads and new application requirements, Web switches emerged as the times require data center devices, including Internet servers, firewalls, high-speed buffer servers, and gateways) provides management, routing, and load balancing transmission.

Unlike traditional network devices, traditional network devices focus on high-speed exchange of individual frames and data packets, while Web switches focus on tracking and processing Web sessions. In addition to the connections and packet routing provided by the traditional second/third-layer switches, the Web switch can also provide the complete policies lacking by the traditional LAN switches and routers, integrates local and global Server Load balancer, access control, service quality assurance (QoS), bandwidth management, and other management capabilities.

At present, the Web switch has evolved from a purely transport layer Layer-4 device to a layer-7 switch intelligence. Using content or user classification for Web Request redirection is a function of the Web server. However, the development of Internet transmission and commerce far exceeds the improvement of computer processing capabilities. Unloading content classification to a Web switch balances the infrastructure of the entire website. The following table uses Alteon products as an example to describe Web switch products.

Switch Application Analysis

◆ Large enterprises with over 500 nodes): large enterprises have the following features: cross-region, cross-industry, multi-layer, and all-round, with wide business coverage, large network data transmission volumes, and strong data exchange capabilities, first, we need to establish a network platform to meet enterprises' internal communication needs. In addition, the network system is required to operate stably and reliably without interruption. Choose a product based on high performance, manageability, high reliability, applicability, and performance-to-price ratio.

◆ Analysis on the switch application of the post and telecommunications industry: due to its operating characteristics and the purpose of serving the public, the telecom system has a wide geographical distribution, providing many services and constantly updating services. Network equipment requirements are more stringent. Generally, network equipment is selected as Wan products.

◆ Railway system switch application analysis: railway systems generally have high requirements for Wan communication, and the number of nodes in each site is not very large, therefore, when you select a department-level switch or a working group-level switch when building a LAN for each site.

◆ Banking switch application analysis: This Industry Branch has a wide range of distribution, frequent business activities, many changes in business types, and fast business growth. Therefore, it has high requirements on stability and response time. Because the industry is highly sensitive to data, link redundancy is required. The transmission link should have a backup function. Once the Main Line fails, the backup line can be replaced immediately. Therefore, it is required that network devices have strong processing capabilities and fault tolerance capabilities, and that scalability, availability, and reliability be considered.

◆ Securities Industry switch application analysis: this industry is characterized by rapid, timely response, and stable, secure, reliable, and uninterrupted operation. Equipment Selection requires the backplane to be fast, with good redundancy performance, manageable and stackable, and fully considering the openness, scalability, availability and reliability of the equipment.

◆ Switch application analysis in the Education Industry: this industry does not have a high requirement on data, and involves multimedia teaching, video on demand, and other main applications, high bandwidth, high availability, and high scalability must be taken into account when selecting a device.

◆ Switch Application Analysis for Small and Medium Enterprises: for small and medium enterprises with fewer than 500 network nodes, the internal data traffic of the enterprise is not high and the real-time response is not high when creating an enterprise Intranet, at the same time, considering the sustainable development of enterprises, attention should be paid to the universality, reliability, manageability, scalability and performance-price ratio of network equipment.

In short, the network has changed, but users want the network to always work and always be transparent. To meet this requirement, flexible, fast, and secure control is required. Internet and Intranet have made enterprises focus on the most important thing-information, rather than infrastructure.

Using a policy to control the network is a new network technology example. The control mode makes the network transparent and maintains the flexibility of configuring the Intranet. Exchange Technology can meet users' business needs today and in the future. Flexible networking, line rate performance, and full scalability can make the device configuration effective for a long time.

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