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Internet capacity has increased significantly over the past two years, and the explosive growth of Internet data streams has resulted in bottlenecks, especially in the "middle kilometer" Location Based on Internet networks. These bottlenecks are caused by different causes, which may degrade application performance or even cause service failure. Intelligent Route control ensures that companies control Internet routes while reducing network fees and effectively eliminating congestion in the middle kilometer.
To overcome network problems of a service provider, enterprises are increasingly using multiple service providers for failover. Although this "foot-to-foot" approach avoids dependency on a provider, it also brings a lot of management complexity.
Currently, the only tool that can be used to manage route information is Border Gateway Protocol (BGP ). BGP enables different networks to advertise "reachable" information for specific prefix addresses to other networks. This type of information is distributed to a vro on the Internet, so that each vro knows which prefix addresses can be achieved through the network connected by the vro.
To benefit from the inherent redundancy of multiple providers and reduce the complexity of using BGP, intelligent Routing control continuously monitors the performance of thousands of destination prefix addresses on multiple paths (no matter what application) and optimizes the routes to these prefix addresses. These products also allow organizations to establish Routing Optimization policies that consider application performance parameters and bandwidth usage/cost restrictions.
Intelligent Routing control products generally implement three functions: measurement, navigation, and presentation or report. The measurement function continuously monitors the transmission stream to identify the destination where the network application sends the transmission stream, it also uses active or passive monitoring technology to measure the transmission performance of these target networks and the transmission performance of each ISP network. The navigation function uses the statistical data collected during the measurement process to determine whether the user-defined performance (based on Packet Loss and latency) and transmission cost policies are met, route changes are made in near real time based on these policies. The presentation function uses statistics and route change logs collected during the measurement and navigation process to provide reports on bandwidth usage/fee, performance and route change activities. This feature is also used to provide access to user management and configuration functions.
Users using intelligent routing control technology can enjoy three benefits. The first is service quality. Intelligent Routing control continuously monitors the transmission stream and transmits the transmission stream on a high-performance path, which achieves predictable performance for specific services. The second is cost management, intelligent Routing control allows you to define and implement Customer-defined bandwidth usage policies to achieve low-cost use of existing bandwidth. In addition, it enables enterprises to have full visibility into the transmission stream performance and usage of all service providers, providing enterprises with the data needed to choose providers and contract negotiations in the future; finally, control, intelligent Routing control provides network engineers with tools that match the business, application performance, and cost objectives with Internet infrastructure usage. In addition, it provides information required to actively manage service level agreements reached with providers.

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