Interconnection Between ZXR10 and Cisco Routers

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Interconnection Between  ZXR10 and Cisco Routers
I recently encountered such a situation in my work, because a network needs to be activated temporarily, and the central node is far away from each access unit, so the existing optical transmission network is used to connect the router. The central node is  ZXR10, And the access unit is Cisco's 7200 series. The 155M channel is activated. After the channel is called, device Debugging starts. POS ports are connected to Optical terminals, IP addresses are set up, dynamic routes are completed, and some basic environments and Management settings are completed, I found that both sides were disconnected. On the central end, the port indicator lights flash every second, and the Cisco device indicator lights on the access end are off. After inquiry, the access end uses new devices, and the pigtails are changed several times, so there is no solution at the moment. So we asked them to take the equipment and drive them to the central data center, and directly connect the devices back to back. The clock settings are incorrect. Therefore, one side is set to clock source line and the other end is set to clock source internal. Still unavailable. The configuration is cleared and completely reconfigured. device: zxr10 (config) # inter pos3_1/1zxr10 (config-if) # framing sdhzxr10 (config-if) # clock source linezxr10 (config-if) # ip address (config-if) # no shutdown cisco device: cisco r7200 (config-if) # mtu 1500 cisco r7200 (config-if) # pos framing sdhcisco r7200 (config-if) # encapsulation pppcisco r7200 (config-if) # pos scramble-atmcisco r7200 (config-if) # clock source linecisco r7200 (config-if) # crc 32 cisco R7200 (config-if) # pos flag j0 204 cisco r7200 (config-if) # pos flag c2 22 cisco r7200 (config-if) # pos flag s1s0 2 cisco r7200 (config-if) # ip address r7200 (config-if) # no shutdown goes through such a long journey, and the cisco light is on! The following analysis may be about how to set several pos fields in Cisco. This is a solution. The following access units use the same configuration to smoothly connect!

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