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Portal Functions

A solution should not just work, it should work for you. The award-winning liferay portal stands out as an appropriate balance, practical features, availability, and technological innovation.

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Simplified user interface development

Liferay portal simplifies the development of internal, external, and channel websites-especially those that allow users to log on to personalized services or opinions, those that require workflow approval procedures, update content, integrate or aggregate multiple existing services.
The liferay portal provides a single presentation layer. All enterprise systems are integrated into a single, easy-to-use end user interface.

Flexible enterprise integration framework

The liferay Portal is a central presentation layer platform that enables users, administrators, and developers to integrate the content and services of backend or legacy applications. Liferay supports multiple methods, including soap, rest, RSS, and integration of proprietary APIs.

Out-of-the-box tools

The liferay portal provides more Portlet options from more than 60 markets to customize your work environment than any other portal box. Including liferay content management and liferay collaboration to provide webpage Publishing, content management, collaboration and social networking.

Secure Single Sign-On (SSO)

Summary, and access your content and applications in one place. The liferay portal allows all your different systems to be accessed only once through secure SSO.

Custom Field

The administrator can customize, edit, add, and modify user attributes of the database (name, company name, date, or any other information, which must be tracked, or log on to your system), directly from liferay.

Liferay Extensions support web pages, web content, blog entries, files and folders, images and folders, bookmarks and folders, Forum Messages, calendar events, and Wiki pages.

Liferay also provides a framework that allows developers to use this feature to support their own entities and custom fields in their custom Portlet.

Rule Engine Integration

Through drools's advanced personalization, You can personalize "context", content specifications, features, and features based on your location, activity, and other custom configuration file attributes.

Communities and organizations

Liferay users can be visually divided into "organizations" or "communities" across organizations, providing flexibility and ease of management.

For example, members in different regions, such as America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, can be divided into organizations, and cross-disciplinary areas such as sales, marketing, and engineering can be created as communities.
Each such group can also be a separate small portal website with its own webpage, content management system, shared calendar and authorization. A user can belong to multiple groups and can easily navigate between them.

User Personalization

Based on the Administrator's permission, you can add, delete, and locate the content or attributes of the Portlet (such as the zip-weather Portlet code) and customize the portal page.
These pages can be published or kept confidential as a unique user-friendly URL.

Role-based content delivery

The portal allows multiple user types to access a URL and access a unique page view based on the user's role, group, organization, or personal preferences. The liferay portal administrator controls and user customization provides a central platform for determining enterprise content policies, including who can edit and publish content, archives, communities, files and applications.

Single click Configuration

A fast and responsive interface makes liferay portal easy and enjoyable for everyone in the Organization. Usually time-consuming tasks, such as changing the page layout, adding new applications and content, and changing the appearance and feeling can all be clicked without refreshing the page.

Dynamic drag and drop

The first portal that provides this function in the liferay portal, allowing users to drag and drop different elements in the surrounding mobile portal.

Workflow Framework

The liferay portal allows you to include it into the API workflow of your custom Portlet using liferay workflow.
This provides a better end user experience, saves your development team the effort to reuse liferay's workflow management tools, and provides seamless integration with all supported workflow engines.

User-driven workflows and approvals

The liferay portal not only contains embedded workflows, but also allows users to create their own workflows and define their own unique business needs and business needs as the basis for approval paths.

For example, the administrator can now implement a new file upload approval process to appear in the document library.

Audit and Performance Monitoring

To help administrators monitor portal website performance and better optimize resources, liferay portal administrator access key performance statistics (click/Page, average time/hit, maximum time of each request, more.
In addition, our portal audit function allows administrators to track and manage user activities in the portal.

Work from your desktop

Link to the liferay portal from your desktop. Simply upload your files to the familiar WebDAV Desktop Folder and they will be automatically uploaded to your portal.

Search and tag

Mark web content, documents, message board threads, and share important or interesting content more dynamically with other portal users.

Then, you can search for specific portlets, relevant information in the community, and applications that are integrated across the portal website or even outside.

Multi-language support

International or multi-language organizations receive out-of-the-box support in over 30 languages. You only need to click the mouse to switch between different language settings.
You can also easily add other languages.

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