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Rational Software is the fifth software brand under the IBM software group. By improving the software development capabilities of enterprises, IBM Rational Software can help organizations create business value. The rational software development platform integrates the best experiences, tools, and services of software engineering. With the rational software development platform, organizations can get faster response capabilities and better adaptability, and focus on core tasks to achieve greater development in an on-demand era. The rational standard-based cross-platform solution helps software development teams create and expand business applications, embedded systems, and software products. Among Fortune 100, 98 companies rely on Rational tools to build better software faster. · IBM Rational apex series-Ada development for key applications.

IBM Rational Software tools provide developers and development teams with support throughout the development lifecycle. When used independently, each of the Rational Software tools is in the leading position in its respective market fields. In combination, they provide unparalleled automation and ease of use. Rational Software tools can be used on Windows, UNIX, Linux, and mainframe platforms, and support the vast majority of languages, ides, and operating environments, including: java, Eclipse, C/C ++/C #, Visual Basic. net, Microsoft. net, COM/+, CORBA, more than 100 development environments for real-time and embedded system developers, as well as the latest Internet/Web service standards.

Rational Suite products

· IBM Rational suite analyststudio-for problem analysis and requirement Management

· IBM & rational suite developmentstudio-used for model-driven development and developer Testing

· IBM & rational suite developmentstudio Realtime-used for embedded system model-driven development and developer Testing

· IBM Rational suite teststudio-for functional, reliability, and performance testing

· IBM Rational suite enterprise-for technical staff across multiple functional areas

IBM Rational xde Series Products

· IBM Rational xde developer-model-driven development and runtime analysis for Java and. NET software

· IBM Rational xde tester-automated testing for Java and Web applications

· IBM Rational xde modeler-for Visual Modeling of Java and. NET software


Introduction to IBM Rational products:

· IBM Rational clearcase series (rational clearcase, rational clearcase lt, and rational clearcase multisite)-industry-leading Software Configuration Management Solutions

· IBM Rational ClearQuest series (Rational ClearQuest, Rational ClearQuest multisite)-flexible defect and change tracking tools

· IBM Rational projectconsole-manages and monitors projects through websites

· IBM Rational purifyplus-runtime analysis tools for developers, including rational purify for runtime error detection, rational quanify for performance curve analysis, and rational purecoverage for code overwrite Analysis

· Architecture of IBM Rational rapid developer-n-layer applications Rapid Application Development and deployment

· IBM Rational requisitepro-team-based requirement Management

· IBM Rational robot-automated function testing

· IBM Rational Rose series-industry-leading model-driven development tools

· IBM Rational Rose Realtime-a model-driven development tool for real-time/Embedded Environments

· IBM Rational soda-Cross-function document generation

· IBM Rational teamtest-automatic performance and Function Testing

· IBM Rational test Realtime-a comprehensive testing and Runtime Testing Tool for real-time/embedded products

· IBM Rational testmanager-open and scalable test management tools

· IBM Rational Unified Process-best software engineering experience Guide


• Rational application developer for WebSphere Software

Tools used for architecture and modeling, model-driven development, components, component testing, and runtime analysis activities.

• Rational professional bundle

Provides enterprise-level desktop tools to design, build, and test J2EE/portal/service-oriented applications.

• Rational Rose developer for Unix

Provides industry-leading model-driven development tools.

• Rational Rose technical developer

A model-driven development solution that automatically converts data from design to code for Java, C, and C ++.

• Rational Rose xde developer for Java

Provides a complete visual design and development environment for J2EE-based systems.

• Rational Rose xde developer for Visual Studio

Provides a complete visual design and development environment for. Net-based systems.

• Rational Rose xde developer plus

Provides a visual design and development environment for Systems Based on J2EE and. net.

• Rational Software Architect

Use UML to provide integrated design and development support for model-driven development.

• Rational Software Modeler

Supports UML visual modeling/design to compile system documents from different views.

• Rational suite developmentstudio for Unix

Integrates award-winning development tools to help people build better software more quickly.

• Rational suite for technical developers

Supports visual development of real-time and embedded technology applications.

• Rational web developer for WebSphere Software

Simplified and accelerated web, Web Services, and Java development.

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