Introduction to Lambdas features in JDK 8

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First, we need to download a jdk8 that supports lambda, which can be obtained in two ways:

* Someone who dares to try it: Build it by yourself from the sources source code
* Quick version: Download the compiled SDK directly.

Initially, I used the source code for building, but due to time, I chose the lazy method by adding some warnings related to environment variables: Use the already built JDK 8. Another important tool is used by the text editor to writeCode. In the past, a supported IDE was generated some time after JDK was released. However, this is different because the transparency provided by openjdk is also related to the wide range of JDK applications. A few days ago, jetbrain was the first ide To support Java 8. Therefore, intellij idea 12 became the first ide To support JDK 8. What are the other improvements? For testing purpose, I installed intellij 12 that supports JDK 8 b68 on Windows 7x64CommunityVersion. Developers who like netbeans can click here to download the packages supported by Lambda.

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