Introduction to the game story of "fish eggs and little fairies"

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yixiao 2005 summer Works fish eggs and little fairies game story introduction :

Xiaoyuer and huaxiao are two siblings. Jiang Feng, his father, and Hua yuenu, the niece of the zhuhua Palace, ran away. During the creation of yuenu, the owner of the monitsu Jiangfeng invited them to find and kill them. One of the babies raised in the invitation month is not missing, and the other baby is raised by Jiang Feng's friend Yan nantian. after 18 years, the two brothers will be incited to kill each other as revenge. Yannan Tian was killed by the enemy while holding the fish. When he went to the Devil Island, he was in a coma! Ainemo was raised by the top ten wicked people on the island.
18 years later, I grew up in the palace of flowers and learned how to work well. I am very proud of myself, but I only want to give my life to the two masters. On the contrary, ainemo grew up in the Devil's Island and learned a variety of human skills from the ten wicked.
Wu Lin's leader, iron ruyun, suddenly disappeared. Jiang Binhe held a Wulin conference in Huangshan and elected a new leader. At the beginning, ainemo entered the rivers and lakes and went to the yellow mountains to explore their own lives. They did not miss the flowers on behalf of the two masters and learned from various schools in Huangshan. Tie xinlan, the daughter of iron ruyun, also went to Huangshan to find his father's whereabouts. When the three met in Huangshan, they became friends. Xiaoyu and tie xinlan became siblings and fell in love at first sight.
Once, the heart of the month in the heart of the broken palm, the fish learned that only "Fire Ganoderma lucidum" can save the heart of the orchid, had to mix in Murong's house to steal "Fire Ganoderma lucidum ".
The little fish caught up with Murong's invincible little daughter, little fairy ......

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