Introduction to the new function of PS CS6 nondestructive and perspective cutting

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In last week's Adobe CS6, a seemingly mundane cutting tool unexpectedly, the cutting tool should be one of the tools that all designers have to use every day, and when you cut out the unnecessary trim and save it today through a cutting tool, It would be impossible to give the cropped image back to the original, so if the business owner is not satisfied, it will have to retrieve the original file, cut again, but now Photoshop CS6 will be able to solve this problem, after the new cutting tool, it will only hide unnecessary images, when the next time to make changes, just a little bit, Can be adjusted again, in addition to the cutting tool, but also added a new cutting function, that is, if you have friends who are paying attention to the plum problem, you should have an impression that the previous prunes had shared, through the iphone Frontview will be cut through the image, and the screen to straighten and turn, did not think this function , in the new version of Photoshop CS6 also have! Now, let's just take a look at the new cutting tool

Working with version: Photoshop CS6

Difficult to operate: easy

Physical qualities: ★★★★

Non-destructive cutting:


Open the picture, select the Toolbox/tool, and the screen will see that when the frames are lit, the four-week gray section, which is to delete the area, and this is particularly so, when you want to preserve the area, it was the move trim box, and now it's moving the image below to decide on the reserved area.


After you decide on the area, then press the tick on the right.


After the tick is pressed, the four-week image is hidden, and a small experiment is made to save the image.


Then open it again and select the Cutting tool, and then you can continue cutting!

Destruction Cutting:


To get rid of unnecessary, cropped the top delete pixels option.


Once the cut is finished, select a cutting tool and look at the outside, and you'll see a transparent image that says there are no images for four weeks.

Through-View correction trimming:


Press and hold the cutting tool and select the Perspective crop trim tool.


Along the shape of the four-week image, the mouse left button, set the trim point.


After the establishment, the area that is trimmed, the color will become more gray, sure, and then press the top right corner of the hook.


Ah ~ This time the image will be automatically cut off, and the original view of the image adjusted back.

The new version of the cutting tool, but also really for the design of people, solve a lot of daily trivial things, through the non destructive cutting, and then no longer need to worry, when the next time you want to cut again, but also to go back to the original file, in addition to that originally in the iphone/ipad of the cut, and now finally in the new version also has, And the operation method and Iphone/ipad on the same, as long as the cut point, placed on the four through the view, you can automatically make the screen to cut and turn, the convenience Oh!

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