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With the first few days of rainy weather, the sky has gradually cleared up. The blazing sun shines on the Earth, giving people a feeling of breathless. The temperature is also climbing, if you do not open air-conditioning in the environment of work or study, I am afraid people will feel very uncomfortable. For our daily use of the computer is also the case, the high temperature will bring more pressure on the PC host, each hardware has its operating temperature, if coupled with the external heat, then some hardware will be unbearable.

As the core hardware of PC, CPU, motherboard and graphics card, the most calorific value is the part of the graphics card. In the visual computing technology so developed today, whether it is work or spare time to play games will be applied to the graphics card hardware. A higher temperature or a poorly cooled graphics card can have a lot of pressure to run. If a long time under this pressure to work, then we use the machine is likely to appear in the case of cotton, serious and even may be directly burned, but also with other hardware may be damaged together.

Under the condition of good temperature, the hardware inside the computer can fully play its performance, whether it is playing the game experience or all kinds of application experience will become more smooth. At the same time, the life card will also be a good guarantee, performance will be a lasting play, so that the vast number of users do not need frequent replacement of the graphics card. Believe that every user does not want to use the machine when the situation of cotton or black screen, players in the game when the regiment, cotton, working users have not saved files in the case of computer black screen, which are more headaches and helpless problems.

Therefore, the effect of temperature on the graphics card is very large, users buy video card when considering performance factors, but also to consider the thermal design of graphics and cooling capacity. High-performance heat dissipation plus excellent mute handling is the preferred choice for a summer installation or replacement of graphics cards. Today I recommend a number of excellent thermal performance of the graphics card, so that the majority of users can spend a smooth and refreshing summer. In the near future you want to install or replace the graphics card users must not miss.

Large size three fan heatsink shadow Gtx960gamer

Recommended reasons:

The GTX960 Gamer graphics card hits a large size three fan heatsink, providing more robust air volume, even though the graphics card can still keep the temperature cool in a long, high load condition, and can suppress the core temperature under the overclocking window. The video card carries the player custom back board, can effectively shield the jamming signal to the video card core bad influence. Graphics card with 2GB high-speed DDR5 memory, in high resolution can still calmly deal with the mainstream game.

Product Introduction:

Shadow Chi GTX960 Gamer adopted the latest 28nm Maxwell GM206 core, with 1024 flow processors, with speed of memory, capacity reached 2GB, memory bit width of 128Bit, memory frequency reached 7GHz. Shadow Chi GTX960 Gamer Base frequency of 1228MHz, lifting frequency of 1291MHz, compared to the public version has a significant increase.

Shadow Chi GTX960 Gamer

Shadow Chi GTX960 Gamer uses a new gamer force heat dissipation, and its radiator surface is equipped with a large number of metal plate pieces. At present, many high-end graphics cards on the market are still using oil bearing, and Shadow Chi GTX960 Gamer based on the use of players abandoned by other manufacturers are using oil bearings, carrying a more outstanding performance of the higher cost of the ball fan.

Interface section

Shadow Chi GTX960 Gamer adopts the Dp/hdmi/dvi-d/dvi-i full interface design and supports Dx12,3d Vision, CUDA, PhysX, OpenGL4.4, PureVideo HD Hardware acceleration Technology, TXAA, FXAA, Adaptive VSync, nvidia Surround,nvidia G-sync technology, supports three-screen NVIDIA surround and four-screen output, and HDMI and DP interfaces can support 4096*2160@24hz/60hz Ultra high resolution.

Metal Back Plate

Shadow Chi GTX960 Gamer back installed a AL1100 aluminum alloy back plate, aluminum alloy has been widely used in aviation, aerospace and other fields. The whole back plate has been conductive treatment, it can not only effectively protect the back components, but also can effectively reduce the deformation and bending of the PCB occurred. Back board with the graphics card PCB corresponding to the hole, in the protection of graphics, but also greatly enhance the graphics card cooling, is very intimate design.

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