iOS7 jailbreak after the white Apple how to repair _iphone5 white Apple?

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Cause analysis

After the jailbreak, the white Apple may have been the plugin we installed after the jailbreak, so we just need to remove the installed plugins, and we'll have to go into the safe mode of the iphone.

Reason one, to rewrite software most likely to appear white Apple, as long as installed Summerboard, and then uninstall, quasi-white apple white apple problem is spingboard damage.

Reason two, generally is writes the system class the file, because produces or installs the order, the software and the software, between the software and the system conflict and so on;

Reason three, or disorderly delete or wrong delete system files will also cause white Apple;

Reason four, or the reverse installs the software to cause the system related file to lose and the white Apple;

Reason five, the outside environment overheating or the iphone is shocked sometimes can cause white apple;

Reason six, non-itunes installer, especially write system classes are most likely to cause white apple, and some consequences are irreversible!

Reason seven, only app folder software is generally not likely to cause white apple

Solving method

1, press the Power off the machine
2, press the power supply, at the same time long press volume + key
4, always press the volume + key until a lock screen interface, this time into a safe mode
5, into the safe mode, before the installation of Plug-ins, themes are invalid, unlock into the desktop
6, open Cydia, remove the most recently installed Plug-ins
Reboot restore Normal mode, see if the problem is resolved, no resolution repeat 1~5 step

Add tools to repair white apple

1. In 91 mobile phone assistant inside the system Maintenance option is a white apple repair tool, the landlord click on it, the rest to 91来 finish it!

2. The above solution applies to those who can connect to 91 assistants, if the landlord's machine can not connect, landlord can only use itunes to restore the firmware.

3. Enter the recovery mode method

While holding down the IPhone5 home key and the top shutdown key for 10 seconds, and so on after IPhone5 screen Anxia, loosen the top shutdown key and continue holding down the home key

5, knowing that there was an itunes connection on the iphone screen, it went into recovery mode. By connecting the IPhone5 into the recovery mode, itunes automatically detects a recovery-mode iPhone5, and then press and hold the SHIFT key on the computer and click "Update".

4. The above is to solve the iphone5 white Apple method, iphone5 and the ipad are universal, in fact, it is not difficult, white is also not nervous.

Yun-Habitat Community small tips, the last way is to put the Apple phone brush machine installed once the system Oh, this I am here to remind everyone to brush the Apple phone system will lead to escape invalid Oh, reinstall the Apple system directly is genuine OH.

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