Iredmail installation and configuration tutorial in CentOS 6

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See a lot of VPS users are not used to build the site, but used to create mail server use to send mail, so the old left also to learn the application of such functions. To learn and use the build mail server must first use the free open source Iredmail software. Iredmail can quickly deploy mail server solutions in red Hat, CentOS, Sdebian, Ubuntu, and other environment systems. In this article, Lao Zuo shares the process of successfully building the CentOS 6 32-bit system.

First, update the system installation package

The code is as follows Copy Code
Yum Update
You must update the system installation package before you are ready to install, because if you do not handle this issue, a "Installation failed, please check the terminal output" installation error will appear later.

Second, modify the current VPS host name hostname

Generally we use VPS, through "hostname-f" check general hostname is not we need to set the root domain name.

A-Edit the/etc/sysconfig/network file and set the hostname to the mail domain we need to create
B-Edit the/etc/hosts file, add the mail localhost.localdomain localhost script to the top, and note that it changes to our own host name.
After restarting the VPS, the "hostname-f" view will see that the current host name has changed to what we need.

Third, the resolution domain name

We need to set a record and MX record resolution in DNS resolution, where the old left is used by the dnspod to do the domain name Post Office, here is set as follows:

This is our domain name parsing, a record and MX record, as a post office dedicated.
IV. Download and install Iredmail
The code is as follows Copy Code
Tar xjf iredmail-0.8.7.tar.bz2
CD iRedMail-0.8.7

Enter the above download and installation steps, and then automatically installed, you need to note that the download of the installation package is not going to have a disorderly string, if it is our manual sftp modified, and then decompression and installation.

The installation was smooth and there was no error in the middle, we just had to wait and see the Setup section in the next step.

V, iredmail installation process and settings

A-Installation Start Welcome interface

Enter or click the mouse to OK to start installation settings. And see the/var/vmail installation path default carriage return.
B-Select Database

Here I choose the MySQL database as the data store.

C-Set MySQL database password

D-Set the domain name

The domain name you set here cannot be the same as the hostname.

E-Set the webmail and iredadmin Administrator password

F-Select the consolidation component that Iredmail needs to use

Then we'll just type Y and let it install.

Wait for iredmail installation to succeed
Need to insert a section to set up the firewall and database configuration
After you set the N and y, and then enter to continue the installation, see this interface instructions installation completed.

We can see the installation completed and the login entry. By default, HTTPS logons are required, either by setting up an SSL certificate login or by setting $config[' Force_https ' in the/var/www/roundcubemail/config/ file = true; Restart is not valid until the parameter is changed to FALSE.

So, Iredmail is already installed.
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