Is it true that a dollar is a treasure?

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Is it true that a dollar is seized?

"Walk past friends, take a look, all goods are one yuan, a dollar can not afford to buy a dollar, as long as a dollar, one dollar, one dollar, this is a dollar shop horn often broadcast advertising, these words chegulu, I believe we are all impressed.

In the traditional one-dollar shop, even if the loss is fooled, a dollar money will not have much damage. But in the Internet is different, a dollar treasure game may let you destroyed.

You might be wondering, Nani? A dollar of the treasure of the game has led to the bereaved? Sure it's not funny? But in fact, "black-hearted NetEase buy and take treasure to damage our lives", "playing a lot of the guise of gambling activities, illegal gambling, rights protection rights!" "This banner appears in front of the NetEase building.

What is a dollar treasure?

Take a mobile phone value of 5000 yuan for example, the so-called 1 yuan is that you can only spend a dollar to win a mobile phone, but also may invest 4999 yuan after nothing.

In fact, the so-called one-yuan treasure, not only netease family in doing. Jing-dong, the United States Regiment, Thunderbolt, such as cattle and other companies have launched similar business. If you try to enter in the App Store "one dollar treasure" these several key words, there will be a full screen of a dollar treasure, and they play the same method and NetEase is similar.

From 10 dollars a pack of durian dried to 100,000 yuan Volkswagen Lang Yat car, "one Yuan treasure" on the goods everything. NetEase official introduction, "One yuan take treasure" to "public chip" mode of selling goods platform. It splits a product into n parts for the user to buy. Careful analysis, this is not much like the public, the general public-funded projects belong to the third party platform, there is a clear fund-raising people, open and transparent is the basic principle.

In short, this is a new game of Internet + gambling, it is more like betting business with small broad betting behavior, playing a "public chip" disguised as gambling. Probability, the more you buy the higher the winning rate, and the input and income seriously wrong.

For example, a 64GB iPhone 6S, in the electric business platform as long as 5599 yuan, but in NetEase "one Yuan treasure" on the 6480 yuan, the platform to earn the middle of nearly 1000 yuan difference. This 6480 yuan to be divided into 6,480, the general user spend a dollar of entertainment, gambling 1/6480 probability, but there are some play home will buy 3,240 children, bet 50% probability, so lost will lose 3240 yuan. In this way, the so-called "one yuan take treasure", it is easy to become hundred yuan, thousand yuan or even million treasure.

But the more you buy, the more successful the winning rate is? Things may not be so simple, has been a yuan to win the treasure is very difficult to get rid of the dealer's black-button operation. In fact, almost all of the software in the market have joined the virtual vest, so that the makers can make the scene look more lively, but also accelerated the lottery speed.

The addition of these false accounts also reduces the real user's winning rate. For example, a user ID of 30348084, a few times a day to win several cases of a few. Because the lottery speed is very fast, may be accurate to the millisecond level, so the banker can also change the participation time and other methods to affect the winning rate, this situation users are difficult to perceive.

Know that there is a post "NetEase's one dollar and one yuan to buy this kind of Web site is shady?" specifically from the data point of view of the "one-yuan treasure" of various routines.

Why so many platforms "favor" a dollar treasure? How do they make money?

At present, the profit model is to make the difference. For example, a 64GB iPhone 6S, in the electric business platform as long as 5599 yuan can be bought, but in NetEase's "one Yuan Treasure" on the 6480 yuan, the platform can earn the middle of nearly 1000 yuan in the difference.

At present, most of the price of a platform for the purchase of goods and the actual price of goods ratio of 20%, or even greater than Macao casino 10% of the gambling pumping.

For NetEase, a dollar is lucrative, platform almost 0 cost. Just take a simple website on the line, and then the pretext of the tablet virus spread, even publicity fees are free. Even the warehouse does not need to build, once someone bid, to the electricity business site to send a single shipment can be. So, a dollar is the internet company's cash cow ah, it is not difficult to understand why so many platforms are keen on a dollar treasure.

In essence, a dollar is the cloak of the Internet, playing in the guise of the public, but doing gambling activities. Lack of transparency, insufficient platform credibility and lack of legal supervision, to make it wander in the gray area. And those who are deeply involved in the game of the treasure, presumably do not feel that it is a disaster, otherwise it will not fall to the point of destruction.

As the saying goes: small gambling is satisfying, big gamble is a pernicious harm. Suggest those who are addicted to a dollar treasure read this first "cross order": "One Heart to win money, two eyes boil red, tasteless meals, weak limbs, five industries abandoned, disowned, fuming, all the debts, nine into the mire, 10 disaster", or else a catastrophe, also late.

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