Is your business information secure?

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We often talk about enterprise information security, this can be regarded as a subject, I do not talk about so complex principle, only talk about how ordinary enterprises can achieve a relative degree of security level. After all, this thing is safe. The security level is set too high to reduce efficiency; the security level is set too low and not as secure.

Security mainly sub-front and back-office security, where the front desk is mainly referred to as the user's behavior security, backstage refers to the IT personnel back-end operation security.

The picture can not be transmitted, there is a picture here, you may pay attention to.

Front desk Security:

  • Access control: First from the user to start from the door, the authority of the gate card for the control of foreign people have a great binding force, if the door too much, according to the different regional departments set permissions, visitors can set the guest permissions, set the deadline. In addition, the access settings do not turn off the automatic alarm response. Some people think that this is the administrative work, I think it is more need for it to control and decision-making power, from access control can be effective in controlling the foreign personnel.

  • Network interface Control: Come to the station, open the notebook, access to the company network, we talk about network security. All wired networks are configured with a MAC address and a mobile device or a fixed PC binding, the wireless network setting binds the verified device, or is authenticated by domain account. Please use Guest Mode access if guests use.

  • Account security mechanism: User login notebook, ad user or local account authentication login, password needs to meet the pre-set 8-character complex requirements, regular prompt replacement password. Lock screen mechanism and so on.

  • Behavior monitoring: Turn on the computer, open IE, first prompted to log on the Internet Behavior authentication account: Internet behavior Management can effectively monitor the user's Internet behavior, and prohibit illegal operation.

  • Anti-virus policy: After the start of work, anti-virus software in effective monitoring of all your actions, the harmful virus to clean up in a timely manner. At noon or evening will be scheduled to start the virus database update, the virus.

  • Data security: In the work of the data interaction, the security level of the file with a physical network zone isolation, that is, security data and office data separate, such as unconditional separation, can use the firewall to control the policy. Or the security data is placed on the secure server, and the client obtains the relevant data by encrypting and decrypting. Intermediate security level can be remote login to the server, the terminal access rights to do the relevant security control (such as prohibit mapping all ports, COPY, sharing, etc.), can also process + data encryption control software mode to control.

  • Interface security: USB interface, PC whether locking and so on hardware protection. This is available on demand.

background security:

    • computer room Safety: it needs to do it aspects of fire prevention and control of air-conditioning, computer room environment, the safety of the prosecution need to be careful and in place, need to have patrol mechanism.

    • server Security: System State of the server , hardware status is stable, data redundancy and regular backup.

    • log Audit: Internet behavior for users , account behavior to be able to be documented, firewall logs, System log check, traffic monitoring and so on.

In addition, front-end security must be set up a sound process mechanism as a complement to improve the means, so that the front desk and backstage are able to effectively understand and execute.

I think through the above foreground and background security settings, can be basically effective to prevent and can achieve the basic level of security. Some people see this may have to say, there is what U disk shielding, data validation, smart card control and so on, in fact, I talk here is just a basic network security, to meet the above standard requirements, individuals think your business is information security.

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Is your business information secure?

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