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Langfang's hottest season is about to pass. From the coldest winter to the hottest summer, I have never been absent, and it will soon pass away in half a year. While preparing for the next cold and hot summer, do not forget to review the past six months and summarize your own gains and losses. In the past six months, the most touching sentence is "coming out and mixing, and returning it sooner or later !". I always put this sentence in my mouth, but I realized that it had brought me embarrassment, anxiety, and panic. However, in the past six months, I had a lot worse, and I had to pay too much for it, it's too late to regret what you know ...... English Learning
From the winter vacation to the summer vacation this year, English has been improving at the speed of turtles. It is from the winter vacation to summarize where your problem is and what are the shortcomings. English mainly refers to pronunciation, practice, and persistence. In the past six months, we have taken English as a daily task. Like learning computer science, every month, we will summarize the learning situation of English on Netease, and we will also name twelve constellations after the constellation, wait for a reincarnation to see if my small baby can grow into a mature girl. During the summer vacation, Zhang started to speak English and traveled to the United States with his new study. I didn't understand it in the past because I didn't know the pronunciation well, so I couldn't hear the authentic English. There are still many hyphens, which have always been our weakness, only after accumulation and practice. To learn English, you must listen more and practice more!

Summer vacation in English: summer vacation in 2014 -- English refreshing in summer

Here, I always have to flip through my blog, look at the gains, and look at the shortcomings. It seems to have been quite smooth for half a year, but it is also plain. Learning from software engineering UML to ASP. NET, from c/s to B/S, B/S is continuing to learn.
C/S learning ~ Software EngineeringIt was completed years ago.

UMLLooking back at what we have learned in the past six months, UML is the beginning. It is an important part of the software development process. This part of learning is very important to the subsequent learning. 9 types of UML diagrams, each of which is carefully painted. The subsequent design patterns are explained and guided by UML diagrams. to reconstruct the data room charging system, you must use the three-layer idea to draw a UML diagram. This makes it hard for you to pay attention to it. In fact, some of the nine types of graphs are similar, such as sequence diagrams and collaborative diagrams, and activity and state diagrams. You can also divide the static part and dynamic part according to his description. In this way, when learning 9 types of graphs, they are associated rather than independent. After some comparisons, I had a certain understanding of UML and began to learn further on the shoulders of giants and technical experts ......

Design ModeBefore learning the design pattern, I learned the C # programming language and gradually understood the object-oriented language. C # was prepared for the design pattern. When I was studying it, I compared it with the previously learned programming language and found that there are too many identical things, especially C ++. I think it is quite similar and it will be much easier to learn. The next step is the design model. The feeling after learning is that all the things summed up by the experts are the essence. I also like the book "big talk design model, the humorous and educational dialogue between the dishes and laruence runs through the whole book. In such a living atmosphere, the design model has been completed, which is truly refreshing. In fact, the understanding of the design model is still superficial. It is imposed to use it in learning, without considering whether it is reasonable or not. Design Patterns teach us not only those design patterns, but also the ideas of programming and thinking about problems. In programming, How to Write low-coupling code should consider maintainability, scalability, reuse, and other high-quality code to make our efforts.
Layer 3Before learning, I don't know which Layer 3 is specific, so I want to learn with curiosity and freshness. I have a lot of affection for the three layers by asking for advice from the experts and some information on the Internet, as well as a login and design mode instance. The three layers are actually the U layer, B layer, d layer, and the entity layer associated with the three layers. We should not only learn how to layer, but also understand the significance of the layer and the relationship between the layer and the layer. The three layers of theoretical learning are not so profound, so we need to do more examples and learn more in the code.
Rebuilding the IDC Charging SystemTo learn UML diagrams, we want to consider a system from multiple perspectives. The design pattern is to make our code highly reusable with low coupling, and the third layer is to let us think about problems with the idea of hierarchy, with this idea, re-design the data center charging system. The first line in the early stage has the most logon time. When a line is connected, the next line will naturally come out.
B/S start ~ Niuyun News Publishing SystemThis is the first project from c/s to B/S. The system is written in C #. The three-tier code is similar to the charging system of the previous data center. ASP is used at the front end. the development process of net is based on technologies such as JS, Ajax, and jquery. The news publishing system integrates these technologies without in-depth explanation. This gives us an eye-widening experience, understand how B/S is a form and what we want to learn. When I was interested in one thing, I was motivated to learn it. Niu gave me this kind of interest. B/S is still ......

Summary:Since learning has not been well planned, these learning takes a long time. Only after learning three layers and restructuring the data center charging system can we strictly manage ourselves and gradually get better, so the progress is still very slow, depending on others is still much worse. I still need to work hard. I believe in myself and do what I want according to my teacher's instructions. make a summary of the overdue payment ......

I can do better ......

It path for female programmers-2014 (1)

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