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Knowledge management is the knowledge, knowledge creation process and application of knowledge planning and management activities, the Organization to build a quantitative and qualitative knowledge base, so that information and knowledge in the organization through the acquisition, creation, sharing, integration, recording, access, update and other processes, and constantly feedback to the knowledge system, The formation of a never-ending accumulation of personal and organizational knowledge into the organizational wisdom of the cycle, in the enterprise organization to become the management and application of intellectual capital, to help enterprises make the right decision to adapt to market changes.

Now the management of enterprise's knowledge base is more and more valued by managers, the knowledge base in IT service management is an important part of enterprise knowledge management, and also an important platform of knowledge access and sharing. The IVI Help desk allows you to easily implement the knowledge base and enterprise knowledge management. For enterprises, the knowledge base of the entry is to maintain the enterprise knowledge management channels, orderly and real-time update, a strong knowledge base, contribute to the formulation and implementation of enterprise strategies, more can reflect the essence of a corporate culture.

So, how to implement and perfect enterprise knowledge management through IVI Help desk?

First, create a knowledge base

In the IVI help Taichung has a knowledge Base module, you can directly add categories and entries, for the classification of the Knowledge Base, you can refer to the enterprise's own characteristics to divide.

Creating knowledge can be done in the following two ways:

First, the event into the knowledge base, solution sharing, in order to improve the resolution of similar events efficiency, but also can set the user to view permissions, improve IT users self-help problem-solving ability.

The second is to create a knowledge entry by hand to set the user permissions for knowledge sharing and knowledge protection.

Ii. Knowledge-sharing

Users who have VE clients installed can access the repository through self-service queries.

VC clients can click

Self-Help Query button login Knowledge Base.

Use the Web page to view the knowledge base directly.

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