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Software defect tracking is an important step in the development of a project, especially in projects where multiple people collaborate. When there is a bug in the project, we can submit it to the bug tracking system, specify the programmer to modify the modification or the programmer to claim the task, and can track the status of the bug and so on. If, in other terms, Bugzilla can also be used as a task manager, the bug here is not just a flaw, but any tasks that we create in the process of the project can be allocated and tracked using the system.

The Bugzilla installation is not complicated, but it is enough to make everyone's head burn, mainly because it relies on too much, that is, the database server, HTTP server and mail server, as well as Perl and more than 10 Perl modules. However, as long as I am so patient and step-by-step, eventually can solve the problem.

The first step, of course, is the software download, the following picture gives the download address, I chose the 2.20.5 version, rather than the latest version, for what? Of course, because on the download page to see 2.20 version has a Chinese version of the template. The use of our native language can certainly make us more proficient at work. Follow the address below, download the software and the Chinese template, of course, do not forget to download a document.



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