Jbuilder9 + weblogic7 tools (configuration of weblogic7 in jbuilder9)

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Jbuilder9 + weblogic7 practice

Tools (configuration of weblogic7 in jbuilder9)

Author:Huang Kai



This article will introduce how to obtain and install and configure some tools that will be used in my article later.


Configure weblogic7 in jbuilder9

I. installation and configuration

1. Check that jbuilder9 and weblogic7 can be used normally;

2. Click"Start/Program/Borland JBuilder 9 Enterprise trial/Borland JBuilder 9 Enterprise trial"Start jbuilder9à and click"TOols/configure SerVERS..."À"Configure servers"Window, select"Enable SerVEr"Itemà at this time, all items on the right that were originally gray become available black. À first,General"Subpage,"HOme directory: "Select your" % bea_home %/weblogic700/server ","WOrking directory: "Select your" % bea_home %/user_projects/mydomain ", in the"CLass"Subpage"REmove"Drop"/BEA/weblogic700/Server/lib/weblogic_sp.jar ". In this way,"General"Sub-page configuration. À next to"Custom"Subpage,"BEA home directory:"Select" % bea_home % ","JDK installation directory:"Select" % java_home % ","DOmain directory:"Select" % bea_home/user_projects/mydomain % ",USer name: "And"PAssword"Fill in the user name and password you set when installing weblogic7, remember to"LIsten address:"To"Localhost", Not"ADd an Admin Console item to the Tools menuAndAdd a configurationWIzard item to the Tools menuClick OK ".

Note:If Weblogic is not installed on disk C, for example, in disk D,General"Subpage"VMPArameters:"-Djava. library. path = "D:/BEA/weblogic700/Server/bin" and "-djava. security. policy = "D:/BEA/weblogic700/Server/lib/weblogic. policy "" to remove a "D :".

À click"PRoject/DEfault project properties..."À"Default Project Properties"Window, select"Single ServerALl services in Project", And then select"WebLogic application server 7.x", Click"OK"Complete.

3. Open"My computer"Right-clickÀ"Attribute"À"Advanced"À"Environment Variable", If you do not have one,"New"Or"Edit"Add:

Set"User variable"In"TempAndTMP"To the following values:

Variable name content

Temp % SystemRoot %/temp

TMP % SystemRoot %/temp

OK. Let's talk about the configuration of jbuilder9 + weblogic7. In the future, what specific configuration should be done? Let's talk about the specific situation.


My article was first published on the Niuer Forum (www.newer.com.cn/bbs) and the programmer Forum (www.csdn.net). You are welcome to repost it. However, please keep the author and author's name. Thank you.

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