Jenkins + maven + git + sonar system continuous integration & amp; Code single test management, jenkinsmaven

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Jenkins + maven + git + sonar system continuous integration & code Test Management, jenkinsmaven
Jenkins + maven + git + sonar system continuous integration & code Test Management

Install JenkinsJenkins is a Java-based continuous integration tool used to monitor continuous repetitive work. features include: 1. Continuous software version release/test projects. 2. Monitor the execution of external calls.
1. download the latest version (a war file ). Jenkins Official Website:

2. run java-jar jenkins. war (jenkins uses the embedded jetty service by default and can be deployed in other containers .)

(The default port is port 8080. You can use java-jar jenkins. war -- httpPort = 8088 as the listening port for the startup Item .)

Note: Jenkins needs to run Java 5 or a later version.

Basic Jenkins Configuration

System settings: Choose Manage Jenkins-> Configure System

Set the Maven configuration file path

Jenkins uses the svn management project by default. To use git, you need to install the git plug-in. Manage Jenkins-Manage Plugins-Available-Git plugins and click Install. Then return to the system management page to set some git parameters.

Sonar Installation

Download the latest version of

Sonar installation requires JDK or above & Maven installation (sonar uses H2 embedded database by default, but mysql and other databases are recommended for specific use)

Sonar Data Source Configuration

Change.../sonarqube-4.5.1/conf/sonar. properties

Set the properties File

Sonar. jdbc. username = database username

Sonar. jdbc. password = Database password

Set database links

Sonar. jdbc. url = jdbc: mysql: // localhost: 3306/sonar? UseUnicode = true & characterEncoding = utf8 & rewriteBatchedStatements = true & useConfigs =

Set link pool

Sonar. jdbc. maxActive = 20

Sonar. jdbc. maxIdle = 5

Sonar. jdbc. minIdle = 2

Sonar. jdbc. maxWait = 5000

Sonar. jdbc. minEvictableIdleTimeMillis = 600000

Sonar. jdbc. timeBetweenEvictionRunsMillis = 30000

Create a sonar DB in the mysql database

Start sonar:./sonar. sh start (the default start port is 9000. Open http: // localhost: 9000 in the browser)

Sonar Project Test

Configure sonar maven configuration in the project that requires sonar statistics Test

<Properties> <! -- Sonar config --> <sonar. jdbc. url> jdbc: mysql: // localhost: 3306/sonar? UseUnicode = true & characterEncoding = utf8 & autoReconnect = true </sonar. jdbc. url> <sonar. jdbc. driver> com. mysql. jdbc. driver </sonar. jdbc. driver> <sonar. jdbc. username> username </sonar. jdbc. username> <sonar. jdbc. password> passwd </sonar. jdbc. password> <sonar. host. url> http: // localhost: 9000 </sonar. host. url> <sonar. scm. enabled> true </sonar. scm. enabled> <sonar. core. codeCoveragePlugin> cobertura </sonar. core. codeCoverag EPlugin> <sonar. cobertura. maxmen> 1024 M </sonar. cobertura. maxmen> <sonar. skippedModules> <! -- Unneeded package --> </sonar. skippedModules> </properties>
Use mvn sonar: sonar to call the sonar program for test in the corresponding project directory.

Jenkins Sonar Configuration

To set sonar Configuration Management on Jenkins, you must first install the sonar plug-in. Choose Manage Jenkins-> Manage Plugins-> Available-> Sonar Plugin and click Install.

Then configure some basic sonar parameters in the system settings.

Jenkins Project Management Configuration

Jenkins project configuration management

Sonar Project Test Management

Start the Project build

View the sonar Test of the project

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